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Ex-adviser explains why McConnell is supporting electoral reform bill

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    1. @Jock Young Did you miss his nom-de-YT? MAGA would storm the State Capitol and have the vote changed; or possibly these days achieve the same result just by having their DeJTy “think” over it whilst waving his tiny hands.

    2. @Vital Signs Every person in the nation should get an equal vote on national-level laws and taxation. What you’re talking about is what laws should be decided on a state level vs national level, which is a different discussion. Any law that you say ‘should California get to determine Wyoming’ we could just as easily say ‘should Georgia, Utah, Idaho.. determine Wyoming, California, etc’. State level laws should belong to the states and be voted on by people in that state. National level laws your vote shouldn’t be worth more or less because you accepted a job offer a few miles left or right from where you lived last year.

    3. @sergeant_salty will of the voters? Are you daft? Many red states have gerrymandered their districts so much so that even if 51% of the state voted Democrat they still wouldn’t win the majority of elections for that state. But don’t feel bad, Democrats do it to, just not nearly as much as Republicans.

    4. @Chevy Chase well tell that to all the Republican voters who got caught doing that. Doesn’t really matter though as voter fraud is extremely rare according to a conservative group that tracks it.

  1. Every politician who doesn’t support it tells you a lot about their belief in Democracy

    1. @Нико Инко Well, I didn’t know that there were QAnon disciples in RuSSia.

    2. @DaWeezerd The word Democracy is just a nickname. I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape when people call it a Democracy.

    3. @DaWeezerd You realise it’s a democratic republic right? That the democratic principles of voting for a representative “by the people, for the people” is enshrined in the constitution? And that the republic part doesn’t equate to “one party can overturn an election if they don’t like the result”?

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  2. add term limits for all government positions and the supreme court

    1. @Aniket Kesarkar because it encourages the corruption we are drowning in now. They can like another American.

    2. @Vital Signs not judges with lifetime appointments.

    3. @Vital Signs when u have gerrymandering and incumbent positioning it proves your “vote” position is utter bs.

  3. Mitch is not a leader. He sees which way the crowd is going then runs out ahead of them to appear so.

    1. He’s so old he should be carbon dated

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  4. I can’t understand how anyone can compare 2016 to 2020. It’s a bad faith argument at best

    1. Well to be fair, the democrats did try to undermine and derail the 2000, 2004, and 2016 election results. Good to see CNN finally address the dem’s hypocrisy.

    2. With out Russia interference in 2016, DJT would never have been appointed President by the Electoral College..The SCOTUS has all ready, ruled on Electoral College..2000, and 2016, can never happen again..The Electoral College Act in Congress, is just about the VP not being able to change the vote…And make it harder for Congress to object to the count, that would send it to a House decision…


    4. Things were so much better under President Trump vs potato head biden. biden is destroying America

  5. We need to abolish the electoral college and have election by popular vote. That way every single vote counts. The electoral college causes focus on ‘swing’ states which dilutes the individual’s vote in other states. I think this dilution contributes to people’s feeling of apathy about their vote counting.

    1. @Chris Anderson I could live with that. I haven’t studied out the details of *_how_* they did it, but Colorada established a redistricting commission in 2021 specifically to use the 2020 census data to draw their new district lines in a way that purposely avoids gerrymandering. In addition to more sophisticated techniques, there is the “eyeball” test. If the boundaries of a district are convoluted with twists and turns, bumps and dips, and excluded enclaves — it’s partisan and not equitable. No gerrymandering and all one state’s electoral votes cast for that state’s popular vote would work.

    2. @Hopefulone , there are republicans in cities and democrats in rural areas. The current system gives republicans an advantage.

    3. @Dominic Mazoch , it would be even worse than the current system.

    4. No US needs the Electoral College count now more than ever..There is to many nuts in politics today..That will do anything to win a vote..US needs all the protection it has, to keep our Democracy intact..Now that SCOTUS and Congress, has defined the EC…To what it can and can’t do..

    5. Get the FED out of people’s lives…then it will be a non issue!

  6. Mitch looks pretty rough, like he’s slowly dying inside watching his Republican Party rot.

    1. 1 Armed Liberal Fuk what you saying it here 😠

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  7. The problem in 2000 was Florida’s poor electoral procedures, not those of the Congress in counting electoral votes.

    1. @Jeremy Owens Just a note to what you are saying: The election laws should probably be updated when it come to recounts. It should not be when there is a 1% difference in votes, but more at 0,01%. The system is just that good now a days and it is a waste of money. No one is going to find 15.000 wrong votes, even if that is only 0.5% difference between the 2 candidates.
      But when we are talking 500 votes, sure that could be miscounted.

    2. @XCodes Daddy Bush, had to have his son win the election..To stop the contract out on him…911 would never have happened if Bush Jr. had not become President..Between Carl Rove and Jeb Bush ( the Governor of Florida ). He could not have lost..It had nothing to do with Al Gore..It would have turned out the way it did no matter who the Democrat Candidate was..

    3. But the new study 📖 shows a more positive 🤔😄😞✔️😃🥹

  8. Will this protect states from the SCOTUS 6 giving state legislators complete autocratic autonomy to pick their own electors?

    1. @GR Johnson People have got it into their heads that SCOTUS is looking to provide states with a means to screw over their own voters in the days following a Presidential election. In fact, this is really about state supreme courts ripping the authority of drawing House and state legislative redistricting maps from the hands of the legislature where it belongs. SCOTUS could bring a stop to that in the Moore v. Harper case. And this is NOT a partisan issue. Democratic legislatures should have that same authority and not have to worry about being overruled by a Republican majority in THEIR STATE SUPREME COURT!

    2. Somewhat. If it is codified into federal legislation… as long as that legislation doesn’t violate the Constitution. then it makes it less likely to be overturned by SCOTUS. The same could happen with abortion. If Congress instituted laws that protect it at the federal level then it would have avoided all that mess…. but because it rested on previous court cases alone then there was always the risk that it might be challenged again. It use to be that when Congress and the WH were more split with neither having a big upperhand that more things got done because they were forced to compromise. Now both sides just dig in and become like toddlers that have learned to say “NO” and say it to everything. The GOP has been especially bad about this (ESPECIALLY MCCONNELL) for years but democrats do as well… but they are almost forced to do so because otherwise the GOP just runs over everything and almost NOTHING gets done unless the GOP actually wants it to get done and then they do under the table deals so the people don’t

    3. It doesn’t and any attempts by democrats to change the extreme laws made by republican controlled legislatures would be dropped by republicans in Congress.

    4. But you have no choice if I don’t like 😁❤️😄🙂😅

  9. The grain that started all this and metastasis. Businessmen are about serving self interests. Not about all the citizenry. When candidates talk about those people. That should send up some red flags in a democracy.

  10. Mitch is sounding pretty rough. Hope he lives long enough to undo some of the evil crap he’s done.

    1. He reminds me of a snail without his shell, pale and slimy,. He needs to find a rock and crawl back under it

  11. There needs to be age limits in the House, Senate, all government positions. Most normal jobs people usually retire between 62-65, why are so many in politics over the age of 70. That’s BS

    1. They are the same age as the people who kept them in office and are complicit in destroying the country. Boomers gotta go.

    2. We need some wisdom that comes from experience. 70+ is not an issue.

    3. They’re over 70 years old Legislating as if we’re back in the fifties ! Getting rid of the electoral college and adding term limits to the Senate House and Supreme Court. Would end America’s religious, racial , cultural ,social issues march backwards into history .

    4. No one can tell you what to do with 🙂✔️😌😂😋

  12. McConnell realizes his goons can’t keep milking the rest of us if there’s absolute chaos. He’s not an idiot, even if I like very little he does.

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  13. Mr. “Ex-Adviser” is full of it. Mitch follows the path of least resistance.

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  14. Whatever he do doesn’t even matter to me At the end of the day MCCONNELL is still SLIME

    1. He is better than Trump. That’s not nothing.

    2. But the government said that a decision was expected 😇😗😀☝🏿😀

  15. “Democrats will lose if they let the midterms be about Joe Biden”
    — Jen Psaki

    1. 1 Bryan Fuk what you saying it here 😠

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    2. Red punches coming to the house and senate 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  16. GQP Platform:

    Ban books
    Ban math
    Ban history
    Ban voting rights
    Ban affordable healthcare
    Ban abortion
    Ban LGBT rights
    Ban protests
    Ban Veterans healthcare
    Ban Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security
    Ban taxes on the rich and corporations
    Ban schools from being safe

    Then tell us they’re all about freedom!

    1. 1 My Channel Fuk what you saying it here 😠

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      los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  17. Simple solution; here in Australia we have, independent of government, Electoral Commissions for both State and Federal elections designed to completely avoid partisan interference in the running of all aspects of elections.
    It works and is respected by both sides of politics – it’s a seemingly simple and elegant solution which helps us avoid the challenges the US seems to face.
    If interested;

    1. 1 John C Fuk what you saying it here 😠

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  18. I extend my heartfelt tribute to the American citizens, American soldiers, the President of the United States, and the United States Senate and House of Representatives who contribute to world peace.

    1. 1 ZEIT GEIST Fuk what you saying it here 😠

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