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‘Fox blinked’: Anderson Cooper breaks down Fox News’ $787.5M Dominion settlement

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  1. Me: “Is it too much to ask that the FOX News defamation case goes to trial?”
    The Universe: “Yes it is”

    1. @Angel For what? You do realize there has to be a reason for a lawsuit, right? It’s not just “Oh, they’re suing us? Then we should sue them too!”

    2. @Add Sy He has no idea. Just popping off random…blah blah blahs

    1. @Golf Fanatic Their claim is not proven unless proven in a court of law. That is how the judicial system works.
      Huge L my dude, huge L.

    2. @Matthew Fiori Your comments are fascinating, your writing poetically insightful, bluntly to the point and a little dark, it’s obvious you have lived an interesting life. I hope you write, if not you should.

    3. @TonicofSonic Thank you! I knew the Fox News supporters would find a way to spin this, and my search ended with your comment 🙂

    4. @TonicofSonic Dominion’s net value is somewhere around $50-60 mil.They (Dominion) jest settled for $787 million. And your concerned about lawyer fees? …….Hilarious, Tonico. Absolutely hilarious.

  2. She really did dodge that question about paying non-share holding employees part of the bounty.

    1. @HumanSlaveryHasNeverLeft : How many times will you cut and paste your comment about slavery?

    2. @Benjamin Navarro Then why her uneasy side-eye _both_ times she was asked about it? And the squirmy, disingenuous answer. _Several?!_ We have “several” employees who own shares in the company, and therefore will receive some recompense? And then, with a straight face, saying that those _several_ employees owning shares are a source of tremendous pride to the company??! Garbage word salad. And she knows it is, hence her awkward recapitulation. 😅

    3. @Tapecutter59 I really wish they could. Where’s Ellen Brokovich, on some banana lounge somewhere? 🙄

    4. @Ben YES. This irritated me beyond belief, watching those quaking JINOs walking on eggshells in the White House Rose Garden with Slump. He’s an elected government official, ffs. Not a four-year mini king standing there by Divine Right. 😣

  3. Kudos to Anderson for not bursting out laughing (or in his case giggling!), after the first sentence! Nice try at prodding a lawyer to actually stop the self congratulation, and acknowledge that it’s all about the money for the big-wigs, and always has been. It’s obvious that the workers Anderson was trying to get agreement that they even existed, are already forgotten. For me, on-air acknowledgment and apology from each individual “host” was essential. Now, those living in the fox bubble, won’t be the ones who even know that the network admitted to wrongdoing., and they are the ones who needed to hear it the most.

    1. Yes , but that’s how things work in America , everything gets settled with money , nevertheless they have been named and shamed on a global stage, and that’s what counts…

  4. This was a good interview on holding Dominion to account for what may be perceived as caving in to the $ by allowing Fox to not admit in its own voice to specific falsities and for claiming that it has high journalistic standards. Pressing the lawyer to commit to whether all employees will be compensated made a lot so sense. It is unfortunate that Dominion failed to confirm that!

    1. Dominion saved themselves a fortune on legal fees taking the settlement. Lawyers charge by the hour.

    2. Right. The first thing she answered with is “yeah, our higher-earning employees who have shares in the company will benefit. Oh, the lower ones? The ones who are actually being threatened by this conspiracy? Damn, guess we forgot about them.”

      Rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.

    3. @David Dushane Her answer translates to “not a fucking cent, Anderson.”

    4. I was thinking it was a shame Anderson didn’t push back a little harder. He tried asking twice. He should have asked a third time. She could have at least addressed it like “How and where the settlement payment will be distributed will be ironed out in the next few weeks.” She couldn’t even do that. The owners and any stock market holders were the only important players at the table for her.

    5. I’d love to see this NEWS on the front page of each and every paper on America 😮

  5. I was so hoping they wouldn’t settle.. Dominion had an air tight case..

  6. Mike Lindell: “I dared Dominion to sue me!”


    1. poor mike. starting to think he has paranoid schizophrenic disorder or something. i mean he REALLY believes the stuff. but also definitely has no evidence. also, actually a nice guy. this whole obsession is so STRANGE. and it’s ruined him financially. and about to dig him 20ft under with that lawsuit he dared to come to him.

    2. Dominion lawyers said today certain “individuals” would be next in their sights

    3. Dominion is going to bankrupt my pillow even if they settle my pillow is toast.

  7. You could just have answered his question about low level employees getting compensation with “Only if they are also a shareholder”

    1. In a nutshell. that is what she said. Only those who have shares within the Dominion are going to get some kind of payout for this. So if there was an employee running those voter boxes every day and having their lives threaten for doing their job and they choose to not put any shares into the company, they are left with nothing outside of closure that this is done, but that doesn’t stop others from still threatening their lives. The correct answer that everyone that was involved will be receiving some kind of payout from this. What sucks is that there are people that may have never had their lives threatened or no one knew they were involved with the Dominion who may have bigger shares than the lower class employees and they could be receiving a bigger payout than someone who has lower shares within the company.

    2. This is what I hate about most MSM reporter/talking head types. They are incredibly bad at asking succinct questions without leaving wiggle room. Should have directly asked, “Will employees who don’t own stock get compensated financially from this settlement?”

    3. ​@Crimpson I so agree with you. To make it worse, she literally was bragging about how high the settlement was but you can’t share with the employees who are doing the ground work putting their lives at risk.

  8. “I don’t believe we think that Anderson” dying 😂😂😂

  9. I really wished they hadn’t settled.

    I was looking forward to seeing this play out in court.

    1. With the cherry on top being forced into an even bigger payout into the billions.

  10. I’m really sick of these folks never being held publicly accountable and forced to own up to their lies. They get to pay the money and then try to sweep this under the rug. Very frustrating.

    1. And the saddest part about all of this is, millions of Americans will still accept these lies and have no problem with them.

  11. There is something seriously scarey about Sydney Powell and how insane she is

    1. @Mandy Harewood They really are. Just off the wall cuckoo.

    2. She should be the next on the court and get her with a nice lawsuit 😉🤞

  12. Really angry at Dominion for accepting a settlement. The social responsibility of this case is more important than a payout. And it does not matter how “unprecedented” the settlement is – Fox basically got away with everything here and avoided having piles of testimony and evidence made public. A really terrible outcome for this long-anticipated case.

    1. Now it is time for the shareholders to have their say. What do you think the stock prices will do tomorrow? How much is a share going to be worth? Will Murdoch and son survive or will the shareholders sue them? I bet the second will happen.

    2. When Dominion takes the money home to Toronto and converts to Canadian funds it will be about 17 percent more!

    3. I understand the sentiment, and agree as I too wanted to see Murdoch and his lying minions on the stand, and for Dominion to win—but would you pay millions to Dominion if they had lost?

  13. That comment she made about if the lower end employees were going to be paid as well and her answer was basically “Yes, but only those have shares within our company are going to get that money” Anderson kind of calls it out “So those lower end employees that were having their lives threaten and needed closure are going to have some kind of payout?” and her answer was basically. “Yes, some of them are, but again, ONLY those who have shares within the company most likely will see money out of it.” I wonder how many people that were involved really had shares within the company that were lower end employees. I bet it will be like 1% while the people who had a bigger share within the company who may have not been threatened will get a bigger pay out.

    1. Lmao, she already told you how many. She explicitly said “several.” Not several hundred, or several dozen. Just several. 😆

    2. That’s the painful part. The ambiguous statement as to who will share in Fox penalty points to the precedence of money over principle–the principle to protect all employees for harm and their futures.

  14. When asked about the money going towards employees of Dominion, the first thing she answered with is essentially “yeah, our higher-earning employees who have shares in the company will benefit. Oh, the lower ones? The ones who are actually being threatened by this conspiracy? Damn, guess we forgot about them.”

    Rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.

    1. You have no real evidence if this. Thanks for your opinion

    2. It’s owned by a private equity firm. They were always going to take a settlement

    3. @David Dushane – Sorry, but if Dominion lost its case, maybe the low level employees would lose their jobs. Dominion was offered a huge settlement. So many people are posting that they’re angry, but I doubt if any of them would turn down that kind of money. A corporation needs money to continue doing business.

    4. Wealth is created by people who invest time, money, and thought to create a business. Sometimes they get rich, mostly they don’t. Sometimes their efforts fail and they lose everything. You can’t “distribute” wealth until somebody creates it.

  15. With enough money you don’t ever have to worry about accountability.

    1. You so damn right. If they settled for 787 millions, it means it is peanut for them. I wish Dominion did not settle and go for the jugular, drag their name and get more..

  16. “So are the lower level employees going to share in this judgment?”

    “A lot of those lower level employees ARE shareholders”

    Everyone is a politician lol

    1. It is entirely up to Dominion what they do with the money. Totally misses the important issue here or it is a pathetic attempt to deflect from it

  17. While I did laugh about Jake Tapper not being able to keep a straight face while reading that quote, I appreciate Anderson delivering it straight and commenting on it calmly.

  18. I loved the question about non-shareholding employees. The answer revealed that the decision to settle on the part of Dominion was ALL about the money for the CORPORATION — made by the people or person at the top — in light of the fact that the outcome of any jury trial is uncertain. As Buffett has said, “A (financial) bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Any other considerations and words were feel-good window dressing.

  19. You might want to say, “Faux blinked.” This is a sickening ending. Dominion wanted money not truth. I am very sad by this. 😢