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Go inside one of the most powerful warships in the world

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  1. Brave men and women fighting every day for our freedom God bless all our soldiers

    1. @A. H. S and evil helps form coalitions with 2 of the worlds biggest super powers. Let’s go Brandon! 😗💦

  2. That submarine is more powerful than Russia’s entire Navy. 🤣

    1. @Ales Panamarenko US cant fight? You must be one of those chickenhawk Russians we’ve been hearing a lot about 😂

    2. Random rock in south china sea : are you challenging us?

    3. ​@The Maestro You all really watch CNN too much, CNN puts way too much hot sauce on the tacos.

  3. Just listening to the description of being on a sub is giving me anxiety. Just imagine in that tube for months at a time😳🥺😵‍💫🤢🤮

    1. @Bean Season Jerk . The US is ? Under this Administration .

    2. And no woman. No sunlight, that’s worst than prison, to some extent lol.

  4. Watching from Granada in the Caribbean sea. Keep them videos coming soldier

  5. Don’t think I can ever stay inside a submarine bc I’m so claustrophobic.

  6. Must be a very scary feeling stepping inside of something armed with nuclear weapons.

  7. Hats off to these people for not going crazy under there. Must take a special type of person.

  8. I’m so thankful that is on our side! ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  9. Kudos to my brothers and sisters in the Silent Service! Thanks for the flashback too.

  10. Remember all these people volunteered for such a life.., a life people outside don’t know months without hearing from your loved ones

  11. The Silent Service, best part is that you probably never see them coming, great interview with the COMSUBPAC himself. USN Submarines in the Pacific are truly the Wolves of the Pacific, ever since WWII

    1. All of these silent service personnel should have had their faces blurred out in basic dignity for their own personal security, but absolutely — greater OPSEC !!! What the Frigate was the USN thinking here allowing this documentary upload in an era like this ?!?

  12. God bless our Nation; God bless our warriors in uniform. They stand strong so that this great Nation may not parish from the earth.

  13. Surprisingly, there has only ever been one battle between two submarines in world history, and that dates back to WW2.

  14. LOL @3:47 they never let the poor guy finish his punchline. He was saying work doesn’t get boring because he he’s going to know what he’s going to do – but I imagine he was going to say “then something else comes up and ends up being a new challenge.” They cut off making it feel like he’s know what to do and then just does it.

  15. My cousin was a nuke, This was during the time of the Walker family Navy spies. I doubt many boats would have lasted very long with the info the Walker’s were supplying to the Russkies at that time…
    John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan Administration, stated in an interview that Walker’s activities enabled the Soviets to know where U.S. submarines were at all times.