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GOP strategist says Tennessee Republicans expelling Justin Jones and Justin Pearson is a mistake

She’s damned if she knows and she’s damned if she doesn’t.

As a representative of the Republican side of this issue, she has no business spouting bs on the behavior of the Tennessee 3 on national television if she’s not fully versed in the who, what, when, why, and how of this situation.

And, yes their mics were cut, Justin Jones’s ability to vote was cut off, he was also confronted in a threatening manor by one of his Republican “colleagues” in an elevator. Jones had to use his cell phone to defend himself by asking the Republican, do you want to repeat what you just said on video? Of course, dude backed down.

Another Republican knock Jones’s phone out of his hand on the House floor.

Please, spare me with the “they didn’t follow the rules” drivel.