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Protoje Performs “Hills” On Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” – Watch

Reggae artist Protoje made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, where he performed his track “Hills” from his Grammy-nominated album Third Time’s The Charm.

The reggae artist shared photos of himself from the Radio City Music Hall, where he performed. “This one is for Jamaican music. Reggae is forever,” he wrote on Instagram. In a separate post, he wrote, “From the Hills of Irish Town to the concrete jungle of NYC,” about the power and influence of Reggae Music.

The four-minute performance featured Protoje and his band, Indiggnation. The artist was very energetic as he performed the song, which spoke about the beautiful mountain air in Irish Town at the foot of the iconic Blue Mountains while enjoying his weed and privacy in the hills.

The artist also dedicated the song to his drummer, the late Don Duck, who passed away recently, and Jo Mersa Marley, the grandson of Bob Marley, who also passed away a little over a week ago in the United States.

The Grammy nominee received commendations from his peers who praised the performance. “Represent mi bredda. Fast food music cyaa do dis,” fellow Grammy nominee Kabaka Pyramid wrote. “Outside Mi fam… Knock the Leather!!!! Big Leagues!!!!!!” Jesse Royal wrote in separate posts on the performance.

“Bro you went eeeeennn lastnight yo,” Mortimer Music wrote to which the artist responded, “Craven for 2023.”

Protoje recently revealed that the pandemic over the past three years affected his ability to tour and perform, and to make it up, he is hosting a reggae festival in Kingston for his second and third albums,

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“Kingston, Jamaica. After not getting to keep my album live shows for In Search Of Lost Time & Third Time’s The Charm we’ve decided to do a whole festival and I’m bringing friends!!” he wrote on Instagram.

The festival is set for February 25, 2023, and will be held in Kingston.