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Watch Harry Enten test Anderson Cooper’s NFL knowledge

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  1. Ask Anderson Vanderbilt more of a gay question a cooking question! 😲

  2. FUN on CNN, love Anderson Cooper. How about Anderson for president 2024 ??

    1. Lol America have the craziest people and I hope they keep it contained to the USA and let the rest of us enjoy sanity

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  4. For the record, I’d just like to say, not all gays are NFL unaware. But since Snyder took over the Skins [I’m sorry, commanders], I’ve lost interest.

  5. as long as it isn’t Don Lemon harassing and insulting him

  6. When will he come out of the closet? He’s a bigger queen than I am 😂

  7. I couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about professional sports whereas “real men” will assault or even kill another over the wearing of a competitor’s jersey. I force myself to learn which teams are pairing off for the Superbowl just to avoid the nonsensicle questions and jeering at work. I put pairing up one group of millionaires to beat up another group of millionaires right there with professional wrestling. The fanatasism is far more interesting to watch. It’s retrograde evolution of us vs them mentality, unintelligible and purely hormonal. Science, though underfunded, is mindblowing, twenty-two guys fighting over a piece of leather creating its own billion dollar economy is not.

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  9. Oh look groomer testing other groomer on a subject the most groomers hate and that is football

  10. Before you came to ask Anderson Cooper any question you should have prepared yourself first he’s a very smart man.

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