A stricken mother bravely shared her grief just hours after losing her son and daughter in a head-on smash. Kara Yates was wracked with sobs as she paid tribute to 16 year-old son Tommy and 12 year-old daughter Jenna after they were killed in a crash in Strasburg, Missouri, on Tuesday.

Kara said: ‘You just never expect to be burying your babies. You can never prepare yourself for this… ‘I know it’s every mothers’ greatest fear when they have children, it is. I just never thought it’d be both of them.’ Tommy is believed to have crashed after veering off the road, before over-correcting and crossing the center line.His car then hit another vehicle and flew off the road.

Kara’s husband Ernest Yates sat next to his wife and could be seen convulsing with emotion as he explained how Tommy had recently passed his driving test. The Yates’ believed that the quiet rural roads near their home would be a safe place for Tommy to master his driving. The anguished dad said: ‘We thought it was a good practice for him because it was daytime, close. I mean he was a fresh driver, but it was five miles down the road.’



Tommy was a sophomore at Lone Jack High School, while Jenna was a sixth-grader at Strasburg K-8, Fox4 reported.

Paying tribute to his sports-obsessed children, Ernest added: ‘Tommy played football, baseball, basketball. Jenna was into basketball.

‘She was starting volleyball for the first time. She did boxing, softball.’ The Yates’ schoolfriends have been left devastated by their sudden deaths, with Tommy’s locker at school piled high with floral tributes and cards.