The number of people who have died of coronavirus in Spain has risen by 832 – the biggest daily jump in deaths the country has recorded since the outbreak began.

The number of fatalities has risen from 4,858 to 5,690 in the past 24 hours, , while the number of cases surged by 8,000.

Today’s grim figures beat the previous Spanish record of 769 coronavirus deaths in one day, which was announced on Friday.

Spain’s fragile healthcare system has struggled to cope with the pandemic. More people have now been killed by Covid-19 in Spain than the outbreak’s original epicentre of China, where lockdown is being slowly lifted.

Earlier this week the government voted to extend emergency measures confining people in their homes except for essential trips for food, medicine and work. A temporary morgue has been set up at an ice rink in Madrid, where health workers warn services are ‘collapsing’ due to the influx of patients lining hospital corridors.



Only Italy’s single-day death tally is worse than Spain’s – with 969 dying there from coronavirus in the 24 hours between Thursday and Friday.

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