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Astronomers Discover the Fastest Stars in the Known Universe

Researchers have discovered the fasteststarin the known universe. A star called

S4716 is orbiting Sagittarius. A black hole in the center of the Milky Way, 100 AU (distance between the earth and the sun) from the planet.

Stars are packed into S-clusters of over 100 stars. It is known to move particularly fast. After observing the

S4716 for almost 20 years, scientists have found that the S4716 moves around asupermassive black holewith a diameter of 23.5 million kilometers in just four years. I confirmed that I would do it. 8,000 kilometers per second.

"The fact that a star is in a very close, fast and stable orbit near a supermassive black hole is totally unexpected and marks the limit of what can be observed with a conventional telescope," Reed said. Dr. Florian Paisker of. Author of a new study.

The short-range orbit of the S4716 is still puzzling to scientists. "Stars cannot be formed so easily near black holes. The S4716 must move inward, for example by approaching other stars or objects in the S cluster, resulting in a significant orbit. "It has shrunk," said Michael Zajaček, an astrophysicist at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. ..

We needed a total of five telescopes to observe the stars, but we combined four of these five into one large telescope for more accurate and detailed observations. ..