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England star Danny Cipriani hits out at Eddie Jones attack after private school rant

Danny Cipriani criticized the country's public school system againstEngland head coach Eddie Jones counterattacked.

Jones, whose contract expires after his Cup at Rugby World in 2023, recently toldiNews that British rugby relies heavily on the public school system. said he was doing too much. He goes on to suggest that the current model produces "closed-in" players who struggle to find ways to win "when they are not in the lead." Although he attended a paying school, he came from a humble background where he was awarded a scholarship after showing great promise in rugby, football and cricket. And he believes that the 34-year-old (now a free agent after being released from Bath) deserves more responsibility than Jones allows.

"But the reason Eddie hasn't gotten the type of player he wants is not because of the schooling system, but because of the environment he has created in England," Cipriani said. 39} wrote in the Daily. Email. ``It's a simple goal. I was also good at rugby and other sports, so a scholarship allowed me to attend a private school.”

Rugby Football Union (RFU) soonDeprecated Jones's comment. It came just after England took their series victory over the summer in Australia. Former England coach and World Cup winner, Clive Woodward, also condemned . Incumbent on the timing and sentiment of his criticism, with just over a year to go before England's send-off in France.

That is Cipriani's belief. The main factor in not succeeding in situations. Players "struggle to react when things don't go as planned".It's due to Jones' inflexible methods.

Red Rose is 2019 Finished runners-up to South Africa in the World Cup final. England were the favorites. They beat New Zealand and were on their way to the decider in Japan, but fell far short of the final hurdle.

Jones' team has also failed to perform in the last two Six Nations tournaments, and in both the 2021 and 2022 editions he has five matches. He won only two of them. Many players have blossomed under Jones and have appreciated his abilities as a coach, but Cipriani wrote that the Australian "doesn't like to be questioned".

"Don't get me wrong, the private system is not perfect," added the fly-half, who won his last cap of 16 England caps under Jones in 2018.

``Historically, there has been a systemic class problem in English rugby because of who the majority of the participants are. Much more needs to be done to make it more inclusive for all.They should strive to attract and increase participation of people from all walks of life."

There may be some truth to Jones' assessment in that England are underutilizing their player pool. But if liability is being questioned, Cipriani suggested, "Let's start with the responsible England coach."

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