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Billy Joe Saunders blasts ‘bully’ Austin Williams after he posts brutal sparring footage of him tormenting opponent

BILLY JOE WILLIAMS has called Austin Williams a “bully’ after the American posted brutal sparring footage showing him tormenting an opponent in training.

Middleweight prospect ‘Ammo’ Williams is a current 5-0 and looking to become the next big thing in boxing.

He posted a clip to social media showing him pummelling the life out of someone in a training ring.

And British ace Saunders was far from impressed.

He tweeted: “You big useless Fraggle.

“That poor man clearly can’t hold his hands up proper.

“When I’m in US I’ll move you around, we see what happens then.”

Saunders has his eyes on bigger prizes for the time being though.

He is in line to take on Canelo Alvarez later this year, with the Mexican widely regarded as the best fighter on the planet.

A bout was due to take place in the summer before coronavirus disrupted it.

However, WBO super-middleweight champ Saunders remains keen on fighting Alvarez.

And he is confident he can continue his unbeaten run.

Saunders said: “I know I can beat Canelo. I’ve never been beat and believe I’ll end up unbeaten.

“If I get beat by someone who’s better than me, I can only shake their hand.

“But my main goal is to get ginger b******s in the ring and see what I can do.”

Golden Boy Promotions are exploring the possibility of staging Alvarez's next fight behind closed doors, though travel to the US is at the moment prohibited.

Two-division champion Saunders also faces a battle to get licensed, having been suspended by the British Board of Boxing control following a controversial video appearing to show men how to hit their partners in lockdown.

His British boxing license was taken away, though a hearing has yet to take place due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

But the 30-year-old could still apply for a license to box in America, clearing him to fight Canelo.

Eddie Hearn ‘appalled by prat’ Billy Joe Saunders’ video showing men how to hit women in coronavirus lockdown

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