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Boris Johnson Resigns: Theresa May Grieves The Moment When She Resigns As Prime Minister

Theresa wept during the announcement of her resignation in 2019

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The leadership ofBoris Johnsonis unsustainable on Thursday after more than 50 ministers have left the government. became. He demanded that he leave Downing Street. With questions about Chris Pincher's alleged assault, party gates, and his knowledge of other issues, Johnson finally seemed to run out of road. And by early Thursday morning, Mr Johnson's inner circle confirmed that he would resign from his post.

The BBC argued that he would continue to serve until his successor was reportedly elected in the fall.

Johnson will give a speech outside Downing Street at some point on Thursday confirming his intention to resign as Prime Minister.

This scene is reminiscent of the last two prime ministers, David Cameron and Teresamei.

The backlash was fierce when Mrs. May confirmed her resignation as prime minister in 2019.

Boris Johnson resignation: Moment Theresa May wailed as she stood down as Prime Minister

Boris Johnson's resignation: Teresa mourns The moment she stood up as Prime Minister(Image: GETTY)

Theresa May during her 2019 speech

Teresamei during the 2019 speech(Image: GETTY)

In the speech, she was as a head Mrs. May, who announced that she would leave her position, was ridiculed by critics and paid homage to her supporters for shedding tears as she delivered the last line of her speech.

In the video at the top of this page, Mrs. May declares that she "tried to make Britain a country" because she "stepped 10 first". I started to speak. It works for everyone, not just a few privileged people.

She is the result of a very small majority of herself in parliament as a result of tensions over Brexit and after a tragic 2017 sharp election that seriously undermined her authority. She said her position was difficult.

Mrs. May continued: "Whatever our background, skin color, or who we love, we stand together.

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Theresa May stood down in 2019

Teresa dropped in 2019(Image: GETTY)

"And together we have a wonderful future. Our politics may be tense, but there are many good things in this country. There are many things to be proud of. Optimistic. There are many things that can be. "

She added:

"I don't do it maliciously, but with great gratitude for giving me the opportunity to serve my beloved country."

Mrs. May fought to stay calm when she closed the last sentence. As she left the podium and returned to number 10, her face was crumpled.

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David Cameron during his resignation statement

David Cameron's resignation statement(Image: GETTY)

Mr. Cameron Leading the UK as a conservative prime minister between 2010 and 2016, he was also as emotionally criticized as the leader in his final speech.

His resignation came after Britain supported Reeve at Brexit's Reference.

He vowed to stop if he remained defeated, and the morning after Brexit was voted, Cameron was on the podium outside the tenth.

Cameron's speech concludes: I would like to thank everyone who took this moment and wrote the letters and emails that provided me with that support, those I never met and never personally thanked.

Penny Mordaunt is among the frontrunners to replace Boris Johnson

Penny Modant is the most promising successor One of the candidates Boris Johnson(Image: GETTY)

"Serving our country as Prime Minister for the last 6 years is the greatest of my life. And has been the leader of my party for almost 11 years.

"And when we finally leave, my only wish is this I love so much It's a continuing success in a great country. "

It's unclear how long he will be in office after Johnson resigns.

Critics argue that his position has become so unstable that he needs to resign soon.

Post's leading candidates include Penny Modant and Risi Snack, whose resignation on Tuesday caused the collapse of Mr Johnson's Prime Minister.