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Boris Johnson Resigns – Live: PM Appoints New Cabinet Despite Plans to Resign Within Hours

Who can replace Boris Johnson in the role of Prime Minister?

Boris Johnsonappoints a new cabinet, despite preparing to resign as prime minister until a new Tory leader is elected ing.

Critics argued that the prime minister should give up power today after the prime minister finally agreed to resign on Thursday morning in more than 50 resignations.

She resigned as the fifth Cabinet Minister after Michel Donneran resigned as Minister of Education in just 35 hours. Meanwhile, his new prime minister,Nadim Zahawi, "now doing the right thing," andSurah Braverman, while in his position as lawyer president, he as prime minister. He revealed his ambition to replace him.

After Johnson promoted Chris Pincher to a role responsible for the welfare of parliamentarians, a dramatic collapse of his support took place.

Departing Minister and Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer insisted that Mr Johnson leaveDowning Streettoday. autumn.


Starmer A vote of no confidence warning that the threatening prime minister should not be allowed to "cling"

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer threatened after Boris Johnson resigned from Tory's leader. Drives him out using a commons vote of no confidence, stating that he should not be allowed to "cling" at number 10.


The Minister will resign Boris Johnson

Former technical minister Chris Philp has indicated that Boris Johnson will return to government as needed now that he has resigned as a leader of the Conservative Party.

Philp, who resigned just a few hours ago, toldSky Newsthat he would support the government if he needed to go through the Commons. He said he would not refuse. He wasn't looking for his job.

He states: serve.

"If I was asked to help get an online safety bill through Congress, I would be happy to help anyone in every position, in the best possible way. Was a leader.

"I don't want it (his old post). I don't expect it. I resigned, and When you resign, you resign. "

He also said he wasn't thinking about the best candidate to replace Mr Johnson.


Breaking news: Boris Johnson wants to remain a caretaker Appointing a new minister'PM

Boris Johnson will soon appoint a minister as he aims to continue his tenure until a new Tory leader is elected. ..

"The Prime Minister will soon make a new appointment for his team of ministers," said a No10 source.

Our political correspondentAshley Cowburnhas a complete story here Yes:

PM announces his resignation in a statement to the country. , Will remain in office until the new Tory leader is elected


Watch: Boris Nicola Sturgeon says Johnson was "always clearly ineligible" for the post of Prime Minister

Even in the past few days, Boris Johnson was "an effective or well-functioning government." "I'm not leading," instead, "lurking from a voluntary crisis to a voluntary crisis," suggests Nicola Sturgeon.

"Boris Johnson has always been clearly unfit for the Prime Minister's Office in my view," said the first Scottish Minister.

Tories: Johnson is "always clearly ineligible" for the Prime Minister's Office Was


Ben Wallace is the next prime minister's candidate for Tory. And Pauling

According to Yugob, Defense Minister Ben Wallace has emerged as a "clear" favorite to replace Boris Johnson among Tory members.

In polls conducted Wednesday and Thursday, Wallace (13) was only one point ahead of Penny Mordaunt (12) and only three points ahead of Rishi Sunak (10). It is suggested that there is. ), He emerges as a "clear winner" when placed in a direct contest with other front runners.

As broadcast by YouGov, Wallace creates a storm ahead of other candidates:

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The Kremlin states that "more professional" people want to take power in the UK

Russia responded to news of Boris Johnson's resignation.

During a call with a reporter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, "He doesn't like us, we don't like him either." Stated.

He added that the report had little interest in the Kremlin, but he reportedly stated: Making decisions through dialogue will be in power.

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Questions raised about payments for the resignation of Tories

As previously reported by our policy correspondentJon Stone (see), the mass resignation avalanche is Tory. It is set to trigger payments for Tories. Taxpayer costs.

Michelle Donelan – in a post less than 36 hours as Minister of Education – showed that she would donate her wind and rain to a charity.

This issue was also raised in the Commons by Labor lawmaker Rupa Huq, who warned against "a rewarding failure."

Minister said 3 for the work Donneran held for 36 hours. We do not deny receiving monthly salary

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Boris Johnson Resigns: Who are the runners and riders to replace PM?

My colleaguesMatt MathersandHolly Bancroft are potentially possible I have this summary of ToryMP put myself forward to replace PM:


Minister confirms PM "speaks soon"

"Government business continues," Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis said of the Labor Party. Told parliamentarians after asking an urgent question about the functioning of the government.

In response to Angela Rayner, he said:

"I can confirm that it is correct for the Prime Minister to speak soon. I cannot anticipate the Prime Minister's remarks, and the House of Representatives and the public will listen more urgently.

"In the meantime, the government's business continues and is supported by our excellent civil servants in the usual way, including all the great positions in the state. , The King's Minister will continue to be appointed. First and foremost, we must continue to serve the State, its members, and the general public. "


"There is no functioning government in the UK," says Angela Reiner

{287 Deputy Prime Minister of the Labor Party Angela Reiner "It's good news for the country that the Prime Minister announces his resignation," but warned that "we don't have a working government."

In her remarks at her Commons, she said: In the midst of one generation's most serious living cost crisis, families are unable to earn income, a dangerous war in Europe threatens our borders, and a potential trade crisis in Northern Ireland Therefore, there is no functioning government in the UK.

"There was no minister to pass the bill, and the bill committee was canceled without enacting any legislation. The minister was held today. Can you see if the 11 committees you plan to move forward? Without the Minister, what are the arrangements for passing the primary and secondary legislation and who will answer the verbal questions. How is this government democratically sought after? ”

Reiner said: With the resignation of the Northern Ireland secretary, only two ministers can sign a security warrant to approve the use of confidential services. What emergency response plans are in place to deal with emergencies in the short term?

"The Prime Minister said he will stay as a caretaker – how many months will the country have to endure the turmoil?"

Angela Rayner requests a "statement of government function" at the Commons