Party PM’s dangerous

Slipshod Boris Johnson’s rule-breaking shows the reckless hypocrisy of a Prime Minister incapable of leading by example.

When people want to do the right thing and cry out for direction, he behaves as if there is one law for everybody else and another for him and his Downing Street cronies.

It is dangerous because if he does what he wants – and we’ve seen photos of Johnson flouting mask-wearing rules in a hospital, on a train and in a theatre – he undermines public support for potentially life-saving measures.

Johnson makes a speech as he visits a UK Food and Drinks market (



The conflict between the party-on PM and far more cautious Dr Jenny Harries, head of the UK Health Safety Agency, leaves a confused public wondering what to do.

The only answer is to keep calm and carry on, but be sensible and minimise the threat if we can, wearing masks in England in places they have long been compulsory in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So most of us will go to those school nativity plays and office parties, using our common sense to minimise the likelihood of infection while the Omicron variant is fully assessed.

But if we had a competent, trustworthy Prime Minister who led by example our country would be in a much better place.


MI6 chief Richard Moore identifies China Russia, Iran and international terrorism as the “Big Four” posing a threat.

Intelligence and defence will get us so far, but we need to find a way of engaging leaders and people so they are no longer adversaries.

MI6 chief Richard Moore identifies China Russia, Iran and international terrorism as the 'Big Four' posing a threat (



The talks with Iran on a no-nuclear weapons deal give hope, but China will be tougher.

What we must never do is give up hope when the alternative is really frightening.

Ray of hope

Football great Ray Kennedy, who endured Parkinson’s for many years, is another person gone far too young.

We celebrate his sporting triumphs, but the greatest tribute we could pay is to redouble efforts to eradicate this cruel disease.

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