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Boris' stay until October is like PM's "cooperating with his firing squad."

Boris Johnsonstays in the post until October after his imminent resignation was likened to the prime minister "working in his own firing squad." I did.

Political commentators responded with doubts about how the arrangement for Mr Johnson to stay would work while his successor was appointed.

Tory leaders are expected to outline his position in today's statement after his administration was unveiled in a flood of unprecedented resignations.

He isand will announce plans to serve until fallto be able to hold a leadership contest in the summer.

Darren Lilleker, a professor of political communication at Bournemouth University, said: You would have wanted to get things done.

"He can go out and say why he thinks he has to leave. This may be very interesting as he is not the person responsible.

"He may play a blame game and blame the media and the people around him.

" He also without him It will drive out all the consequences of what he says he couldn't achieve. The inability to accept that narcissism and blame will probably nullify the humility of his departure.

"The question is whether he can stay until October, and how it works. It's like working with your own firing squad.

"From an effective government perspective, it would be much better if he went today and tentatively took over the leader until Deputy Prime Minister Dominique Rab held a leadership contest. Around its cabinet table. I can't imagine a partnership with ..

The departure of Sajid Javid and Risi Snack is the firing squad of the current escape, where the Prime Minister leveled up, housing and community secretary Michael Gove. Another important moment fell when he was dismissed.

In the face of such a massive loss of trust, what is the tentative arrangement after the collapse of the unprecedented administration in modern times? Questions were raised about how effective national leadership could be provided.

The process by which the Prime Minister resigns before a new leader is appointed involves the Queen appointing a successor. It's a complicated process.

But many prefer this to the current situation, which is only a few since even Nadim Zahwi was appointed as the new Minister of Finance. After some time, I'm calling on the leader to "go now."

Lilleker said: His tenure still shows his barnacle thinking and probably has a similar negative impact on governance over the next four months.

"There is also the danger that he will pursue scorched earth operations and go against all customs. Temporary use of Rab to minimize the damage caused by Lame Duck PM with a narcissistic personality. And a clean break is best. It's going down soon. The UK Government Institute states that the immediate withdrawal mechanism is to encourage the Prime Minister to resign and appoint someone else to the Queen.

Tory Party Rep. George Freeman said: The Conservative Party can properly choose a new leader.

Scorched Earth tweeted Too much unnecessary damage has occurred. We now need a new leader as soon as possible.

'Rebuild trust, heal the country, Someone who can come up with a new, wise and consistent financial approach to helping the family.'

Johnson's expected announcement is 24 hours following a record number of resignations.

He is said to have spoken to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the Conservative Backbench 1922 Committee, and agreed to resign.

Number 10. The spokesman said:'

Significant events that led to Boris Johnson's resignation

Boris Johnson The news that will resign as prime minister is the days of British politics following a turbulent minority.

Government response to Christopher Pincher's scandal after surviving a June distrust resolution Marked the end of Mr Johnson's tenure.

Here is a summary of the major events that led us here.

Monday, July 4

Downing Street confirmed that Johnson was aware of concerns about his actions when he made Pincher the Deputy Secretary of State. His spokesman. Later, he knew about the "speculation" surrounding MP, but admitted that "there were no formal complaints at the time."

Tuesday, July 5

  • Simon McDonald, a former Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, claims that Mr Johnson was "directly" briefed. Announced a letter of bombing about a formal complaint about Mr. Pincher.
  • 12.30pm: Workers were given an urgent question in Congress to deal with the pincher scandal and what the Prime Minister knew.
  • Tory lawmakers lined up at the House of Commons and publicly condemned Mr Johnson's treatment of the case.
  • 1:00 pm: Downing Street said Johnson had forgotten that Mr. Pincher was said to be the subject of an official complaint.
  • Tory backbenchers have begun publicly calling for Mr Johnson's resignation.
  • Just before 6 pm: Johnson was forced to apologize for handling the pincher scandal.
  • At 6:02 pm, Sajid Javid resigned from the Secretary of State, saying that the British people "expect the government to be honest."
  • 6.11pm: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak resigns.
  • A stable flow of resentment begins.
  • 9.40pm: Nadhim Zahawi becomes Prime Minister, Michelle Donelan becomes Minister of Education, and Steve Barclay becomes Minister of Health.

Wednesday, July 6

  • 8.25am: Will Quince became the first minister to resign, including Lee Anderson and Robert Halfon. Support for Mr. Johnson, whose backbencher is publicly resigning.
  • 12pm: Johnson opposes the call to resign during the PMQ because of his "huge mission" in 2019. He vows to continue.
  • 2.25pm: Ministers of Chemi Badenoch, Julia Lopez, Mim's Davis, Lee Rowley, Neil O'Brien and Alex Burghart announced their resignations in a group letter and called on the Prime Minister to go. ..
  • 2.40pm: The Daily Mail reports that Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has said he must resign as Prime Minister.
  • 3:00 pm: In the midst of the turmoil, the Prime Minister appears in front of the Liaison Committee to answer questions about the handling of the pincher case.
  • A delegation of ministers, including some of Mr Johnson's longtime allies, meets him to encourage him to resign.
  • 8:15 pm: Mr Johnson declined the call to resign after meeting with the Minister.
  • 9 pm: Johnson dismisses Michael Gove as Level Up, Community and Housing Secretary.
  • 10:30 pm Simon Hart resigns from Secretary of Wales.
  • 11:00 pm: Attorney General Surah Braverman says it's time for the Prime Minister to "go."

Thursday, July 7

  • The Tories continued to escape, with 27 resignations submitted by 9 am, five at the cabinet level. , 22 are below the cabinet level.
  • Among them are Northern Ireland Secretary of Education Brandon Lewis and the newly appointed Secretary of Education Michel Donneran.
  • Nadhim Zahawi has issued a ferocious open letter asking the Prime Minister to resign.
  • After 9am, there was news that Mr Johnson had agreed to resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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