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BREAKING Russia says "we don't like him" when Boris Johnson resigns and breaks up Jive

The Kremlin said he didn't like it because he swiped a farewell jibe at British Prime MinisterBoris Johnsonand resigned today.

During a call with a reporter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, "He doesn't like us, we don't like him either."

Pescov said the report that Johnson would soon resign as prime minister had little interest in the Kremlin.

Johnsonwill draft a resignation with staff number 10 while preparing to address the country today.

Disgraceful leaders will stay in Downing Street until a successor is assigned. This is scheduled by the time of theConservativemeeting in October.

The Prime Minister was in a hurry to resign this morning. The new Secretary of Education ofhas resigned and the Prime Minister has told him to do the right thing.

More than 50 Tories have resigned from government-From Cabinet Ministers to Aides, Moderates and Red Wallers.

After Johnson was hit by a mass resignation(


Zuma Press / PA image)

Johnson was previously "most active in the race to become anti-Russian" from Moscow during the NATO emergency summit. It was called "participant". It took place last week in Brussels.

The Prime Minister countered these claims made earlier in the day when Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted by the state-owned RIA news agency.

He states: That will lead to a deadlock in foreign policy.

At a press conference in Brussels,Boris Johnsonrefuted these claims and joked in a typical way.

He said: "Never, at least I'm all.

Johnson is Emmanuel Macron and the United States. Meet President Joe Biden at the G7 Summit during the NATO Summit(



"I" is probably the only prime minister in British history called Boris. I think there is a distinction. I'm not a distant anti-Russian.

He states: His invasion ofUkraineis inhumane and barbaric.

"And that act of invasion, as I said before, has been the continent of Europe for 80 years and it's horrifying.

Johnson meets locals during an official visit(



"So you can sympathize with the terribly guided ordinary Russians, but you can be deeply hostile to the decision of Vladimirputin."

Johnson's actions so far have been very popular in Europe, and the emergency summit did not exclude "1% of all planes" of Ukrainian PresidentWolodimir Zelensky. .. , 1% of all tanks. "

Despite hesitation among allies, he said he would not refuse altogether and would prove to challenge "logistics" instead. President Zelensky wants to rescue Mariupol and help thousands of Ukrainian fighters in the city. To do that, you need armor, as he sees.

"We are thinking about what we can do to help, but logistically, it looks very difficult with both armor and jets."

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