A rat who helped sink the ship before abandoning Britain for tax-free Monaco, one of Britain’s richest people should be required to leave his knighthood at Heathrow Airport.

Brexiteer Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a petrochemicals tycoon worth an estimated £17.5billion, displays little faith in the country he’s ripping out of the European Union.

The quitters’ 2016 slogan of “BeLeave in Britain” could in 2020 be “Leaving Britain in the Lurch” for the hard-bitten Ineos boss switching his tax status from Hampshire to Monaco where he’ll join the likes of benighted Sir Philip Green in the Med’s haven for the wealthiest.

Ratcliffe’s runner is no vote of confidence in the wrecked nation he helped sailed dangerously close to the rocks.

Boris Johnson’s sudden desperation at the help for a late deal is the erraticism of a captain who only backed “Out” in a referendum he never expected to win to help secure the Tory crown.

Battered and bruised in Downing Street by the Covid-19 crisis, the penny’s finally dropping that £672bn of trade’s at risk if Britain exits the Customs Union and Single Market on New Year’s Eve without an agreement.

Sir Jim has abandoned Britain for Monaco

The ninth round of trade talks opening tomorrow between Britain and Brussels are the most crucial to date with the clock ticking down to October 15’s crunch EU summit.

The cost of a no-deal departure up to three times as bad as the impact of the coronavirus, a study by the London School of Economics and UK in a Changing Europe predicting a Brexit £2,400 bill per head in a £160bn long-term hit against the Bank of England’s £600 virus estimate, would be a ruinously expensive national double-whammy.

Johnson’s Brextremist-partner-in-crime, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove is similarly straining for a deal when passports and an internal border for lorry drivers to enter Kent is a world away from the £350million easy lie down the side of a bus.

Jittery Johnson’s relying on Brexit fatigue to avoid flak, relying on people wanting to believe he got it done last January.

Labour leader Keir Starmer similarly wishes to move on, avoiding the subject whenever possible.

New Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey’s pursues a similar line, conceding he lost the battle for Europe.

What amounts to a conspiracy of silence is alarming when the stakes remain so high.

Ratcliffe jumping ship is another architect of the Brexit folly looking after himself.

The unnecessary price will be paid by millions of workers and families, deal or no-deal.

Now, let’s get that knighthood back.