A businessman accused of groping a vulnerable homeless woman went on a foul-mouthed rampage after being confronted about his alleged behavior.

Peter Carzis raged: ‘Motherfucker! Call the cops!’ and began shoving several camera operators who turned up outside his store in San Diego Saturday.

Extraordinary video footage shows him boil over with fury, calling one cameraman an ‘asshole’ as he grabs his camera, before turning to another and screaming: ‘Fuck this.’

Carzis, who is said to have been filmed groping a homeless woman outside his store last week, then advances back towards the first cameraman he attacked.

He is filmed trying to grab his equipment, only for the journalist to stand up to him.



He hisses: ‘Show me how bad you are motherfucker,’ with other journalists warning him he is on the verge of being arrested.

Moments later, Carzis is asked by a female journalist why she pushed him, only to answer: ‘Fuck all you motherfuckers’ while giving the finger.

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The explosive confrontation ends with him punching a cameraman so hard he is forced to put his equipment down on the ground.

Carzis then marched into the men’s clothing store he owns and locked its door.

He flew into a rage after being confronted over allegations he’d acted inappropriately towards several women.

Another of Carzis’s alleged victims told Fox 5: ‘He pinched my stomach, grabbed my stomach and said, “You need to lose weight.”

‘Then I go home and I’m just in tears because I’ve never been fat-shamed like that.’

Police are investigating Carzis’s alleged behavior, although he has not been arrested or charged with any crime.