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Can you solve the "dog pictogram" puzzle in 10 seconds? You may be a genius


PAWSOME Dog Pictogram Challenge is shared on TikTok-and It's frustrating and offends you. The

brain teaserrecognizes a variety ofdogpictogram replacement numbers, much like thealgebraproperty.

But can it be solved in 10 seconds?

The first line shows that one dog was added three times to make 36. }

And finally,Poodleis introduced.

A poodle with a dog's head and a poodle equal to 56.

So what is the dog'spictogrammultiplied by thepoodle {53? } Did you divide it by the dog's head?

Well, according to TikToker Majid Hussain, the answer turned out to be 16.

How is it? Well, the dog pictogram represents 12.

The dog head pictogram represents 6.

And the Poodle pictogram is worth eight.

When managed in 10 seconds, it's pretty impressive.

But even if it takes a while, it's well worth the effort.

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