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Carlos Corberán quit Huddersfield Town because of disagreements about the club's next match

Carlos Colberan will leave Haddersfieldtown just a few weeks after leading Haddersfieldtown within a match of thePremier League.

The Spanish will resign as Terrier's boss after two seasons. The latter led to the championship playoff finaland did not reach the Nottingham Forest.

Unlike most splits, this is not a nuisance for a 39 year old who wants to maintain a good relationship with the club. Colberan is said to have a different vision than theWest Yorkshire Club, but as mentioned earlier, there is no hostility behind his decision. He has a very sincere relationship with the club, so he decides to set aside and allow another manager to try to bring Terrier back to the Premier League.

Colberan will return to his hometown of Spain with his wife and his little son, who at some point brought to the pitch towards the end of last season.

Koberan led Huddersfield to last season's championship playoff final

{26 Towards the end, last season's Koberan talked about a special bond withHuddersfieldsupporters after parading his little son on the pitch after his final home game with Burnsley.

He states: I wanted to show how special they were to us with my son, one of the most special people in my life.

"We know that fans of the town of Huddersfield have suffered a lot in the last three seasons, the last season of the Premier League and the last two seasons of the championship. They are us. Just tell them how important it is to them and make them always want to do their best. With one of the most special to me, how special they are to me. I wanted to show you. "

Koberan's side reached the playoff, saw off Luton in the semi-finals, and lost to Forest 1-0 in Wembley. Despite the defeat, after Koberan took charge of his first season, the team slightly avoided being demoted to League 1 and proved a great turnaround. His side was known for his tenacious approach to press and high fitness levels.

In a post-match speech at Wembley on May 29, Koberan said: The second half was more aggressive. The first half attacked more than the counterattack, and the second half attacked more than the counterattack.

"In the first half, I scored with half the chance. In the goal, and in every game, that's what we didn't do.

" I'm dissatisfied with the result But I couldn't find any gaps or possibilities to criticize in every player. I was competing really well today. "

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