A Scots chef was stunned to receive a good luck message on Twitter from pop icon Cher.

Mickey Robertson, 24, asked for words of encouragement ahead of his first shift back at Siberia Hotel and Bar, Aberdeen, after lockdown, but never imagined she’d reply.

Cher, 74, tweeted: “ Don’t brace 4 Trouble.Your Mindset..Don’t expect Perfection. You Are & Artist Who Can Make Ppl Feel Good. Our lunch today was (emoticon), Deserts 2. You Be True 2 Your Art & Give Ppl a Better Day.

"Help Others When You Can,& Let Small minds Have The Punishment Of Living With Themselves.”

Mickey and Cher's tweet

Mickey had tweeted: “Hi @cher, I’m returning to work @SiberiaAberdeen today (Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat) was just wondering (Thinking face) if there are any words of encouragement? Thanks, I love you momma xx.”

Head chef Mickey, who has worked at the bar for nearly five years and is a fan of the 'Turn Back Time' singer, said he posted the tweet as a bit of fun.

He said: "I just did it for a bit of fun really. I am a fan, and I think we've all been really excited to get back to work so this morning, in a moment of excitement, I thought I'd send the tweet out."

Mickey said he wasn't even the first to see Cher's response.

"Our media consultant saw my tweet and thought it would be funny to retweet," he said.

"He then left his house and got in his car to drive to work this morning and suddenly his phone blows up and says 'Cher has mentioned you on Twitter'."

The mood among staff at Siberia on Monday has been one of real excitement, though it also felt a bit strange to receive a response from a global megastar.

Mr Robertson added: "Everyone was almost a bit weirded out whilst still being really really excited."

The award-winning artist's response did what Mr Robertson had intended it to do and encouraged the team ahead of a busy day.

He said: "It definitely worked. We were just talking about this a minute ago, it started the day right.

Mickey Robertson

"Now the sun is out and the terrace is busy it feels like everything has kind of fallen into place. It geed up the team a little bit to say the least, we've all had a smile on our face the whole day."

Mr Robertson, who has recently launched a new menu at the bar and hotel, says the day has kept getting better and better, with business booming.

He said: "It's been great, it's really busy. Our terrace is almost full for the day already and I think people are just enjoying the sunshine.

"We're doing outside only so it's a little bit different but I've been working hard on our new menu so it's just been throwing pizzas out onto the terrace all day and watching people enjoy everything that we've been working on for the last little while."