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Chris Kamala connects cheeky Boris Johnson jive and fans in the Tory turmoil

Soccer LegendsChris Kamararepresents the country on Tuesday night, jokingly having no idea what's going on at 10 Downing Street. I talked.

Boris Johnson's Tory administration is in turmoil after Prime MinisterRishi Sunakand Minister of HealthSajid Javidhave left their respective positions. .. Their resignation was onlyafter the Prime Minister admitted regret for appointing Chris Pincher to the role of government in.

Pincher has been accused of sexual misconduct by several men, and the Prime Minister was aware of the allegations against Tamworth MP before appointing him as Deputy Leader in February. No. 10 initially denied all knowledge of the allegations against Pincher.

Disgraceful politicians were forced to resign from the government last week after being "overdrinked" and "confused" at a private membership club. It was later alleged that Pincher had groped for two men in the club, but he denied this.

Johnson's column treatment has been criticized-Gary Neville and Gary Lineker claim his time is up-and Kamala jokes It's the latest sports icon to highlight the prime minister's dangerous situation by tweeting: "What happened to Camie? Jeff doesn't know."

Kamala is from Portsmouth and Blackburn. He mentions the famous Gaffe he made while reporting on thePremier Leaguematch at Skysport's Soccer Saturday Show, admitting he was unaware of Pompeii's Antony Van den Bois. increase. She was sent to presenter Jeff Stelling.

Chris Kamara uploaded this image of himself outside 10 Downing Street to accompany the tweet. (


Twitter / @ chris_kammy)

Johnson's premiere has varied over the last few months It is overshadowed by such scandals, especially the "Party Gate" incident. Several Tories, including Johnson and Snacks, were fined by the Metropolitan Police Department for attending the rally during the blockade of Covid. The Prime Minister recently barely survived a distrust resolution among his own members and oversaw the defeat of the humiliating by-elections at Tiberton&Honiton and Wakefield last month.

"We [Conservatives] are not always popular, but we have the ability to act for the national interest," Havid wrote in his resignation. "Unfortunately, in the current situation, the public concludes that we are neither now.

"Last month's distrust resolution was agreed by many colleagues. But unfortunately, it's clear that this situation doesn't change under your leadership, so you're losing confidence in me too. "

In his resignation, The snack writes: The public is ready to hear the truth. Our people know that if something is too good to be true, it is not true. They need to know that although there is a way to a better future, it is not an easy way. In preparation for next week's joint speech on the economy, it became clear that our approach was fundamentally too different.

Johnson apologized for appointing Pincher on Tuesday night. "Looking back, that was wrong. It's something to do, and I apologize to everyone who was badly affected by it," he told reporters. 91}

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