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Chronic inflammation may be caused by vitamin D deficiency, new study finds

There appears to be a direct relationship between low levels of vitamin D and high levels ofinflammation, according to what is described as a "world first" new study. I found that it looks like

A studyconducted by the University of South Australia examined the genetic data of his 294,970 participants in the UK Biobank. It has become clear that vitamin D levels may be an important marker to help identifypeople at increased risk ofchronic diseases with an inflammatory component.

12} This study concludes that increasing vitamin D levels may help people suffering from chronic inflammation. This conclusion was shared by principal investigator Dr Ang Zhou of UniSA, who said that vitamin D may help reduce chronic inflammation and its associated diseases. rice field.

Dr. Zhou said: “High levels of C-reactive protein are produced by the liver in response to inflammation, so when the body is experiencing chronic inflammation, C-reactive protein levels are also high.

"In this study, we examined vitamin D and C-reactive protein and found a one-way relationship between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of C-reactive protein, expressed as inflammation." "Increasing vitamin D in people who are vitamin D deficient may reduce chronic inflammation and help avoid many associated illnesses."

Maintaining adequate vitamin D levels also increases the likelihood that obesity-related complications can be reduced.

Professor Elina Hyppönen, Senior Investigator and Director of UniSA's Australian Center for Precision Medicine, said these results were significant.

''In people with very low vitamin D levels, increasing vitamin D While we have repeatedly seen evidence that there are health benefits from eating, for others there appears to be little or no benefit," says Professor Hypponen.

"These findings highlight the importance of avoiding clinical vitamin D deficiency and provide further evidence for the widespread effects of the hormone vitamin D."

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