Coronation Street spoilers have confirmed Geoff Metcalfe's nasty games are far from over.

His family have now learned of the abuse he put his wife Yasmeen Nazir through for months, and have disowned him.

Amid his attempts to get them back on side, he recently caused trouble for son Tim and his wife Sally on their wedding day.

After his plan didn't work, he's not back to his old tricks next week.

This time it's his granddaughter Faye Windass who falls victim to his meddling, possibly causing her heartache.

Coronation Street's Geoff Metcalfe targets his family next week

The teen is excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her dad and family next week, only for Geoff to soon find out.

Feeling left out, he takes action as to deliberately ruin the visit at Faye's expense.

Debbie Webster encourages Sally and Tim to throw a garden party, that Faye and her new boyfriend can join.

Geoff tries to ruin Faye's day

But an unwanted guest soon arrives via his garden next door, and Geoff goes out of his way to cause chaos.

He brings his boogie box into the garden, and does his best to spoil the party.

Tim is furious with his dad, and soon retaliates by picking up a bucket of icy water and chucking it over his father.

Debbie causes trouble for Geoff and Sally

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Debbie does meddling of her own though, when she locates a drenched Geoff and claims Sally has been moaning about him to Tim and everyone else.

Infuriated, Geoff takes revenge as he begins wielding a spade in the garden leaving Sally and Tim horrified.

Faye meanwhile is mortified, with her planning on this being a good time to introduce her boyfriend to the family.

Later on in the week, she's left heartbroken when she's dumped by text.

Is Geoff to blame for the break-up?