Coronation Street's Michael Bailey is set to make a shocking discovery next week as he finally learns the truth about Grace Vickers.

Michael was tricked by Grace into believing she was pregnant and then that baby Tiana was theirs, after they had split.

But Michael eventually realised the child he had been bonding with was not his, and Grace was actually her nanny who had been pretending she was theirs.

Disgusted, Michael handed Grace in to the police, and she did not have a chance to tell him that she was really pregnant this time with the baby he so longed for.

Michael looks at a copy of the scan that proves Grace is telling the truth

When Michael's mum Aggie heads off to work, Michael realises she’s left her phone,  so he calls at the hospital to return it to her.

But when he arrives at the hospital, he is shocked to see Grace there, flanked by two prison officers.

When Grace spots Michael, she shouts to him that she is pregnant, leaving him stunned.

Grace sees Michael at the hospital and tells him she is pregnant

Later, Michael confides in James Cunningham that Grace is pregnant, but knowing her past, James warns him she is probably lying and advises him to steer clear.

But a scene later on shows Michael staring at a letter he has received from Grace alongside a copy of her baby scan.

Grace calls Michael from prison and tells him that their baby deserves a father, and begs him to come and visit her - so he does.

Geoff tries to ruin Faye's day

Meanwhile, Sally Metcalfe reveals that Faye Windass’ new boyfriend is coming round, Debbie suggests they throw a garden party.

But as Sally, Tim, Faye and Debbie await the arrival of Faye’s boyfriend, Geoff Metcalfe carries his boogie box into the garden at No.6 and does his best to spoil their party.

Tim is furious and after being egged on by Debbie, picks up the ice bucket and drenches his Dad.

Debbie calls at Geoff's house and tells him Sally has been slagging him off, then returns home as a horrified Sally and Tim find Geoff wielding a spade.

Debbie tells Sally that she could not put up with living next door to someone like Geoff, and Sally later tells Tim she is putting the house up for sale.

After being dumped by text, a tearful Faye pours her heart out to Craig Tinker.