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Dad, who couldn't make it happen, attacked him to "cast the evil Voodoo Sex spell".

Six fathersdefeatedas "casting an evil voodoo spell" for their ex-partner because they couldn't play in bed.

Sag Rotimi Adeemo strangled, kicked, beaten, and swung a knife to a victim who believed he had left erectile dysfunction.

Yesterday (Wednesday, July 6), in Belfast Crowncourtvia videolink, Adeyamo was imprisoned for eight yearsand sentenced to five years of detention. received.

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The 52-year-old father was asked to end a horrific attack by eight of the victim's daughters on August 3, 2019.BelfastLivereports.

During an interview, he told police that his ex-partner was crazy about magic, repeated allegations about spells, and drank half a bottle of Baileys before going to her house. I said that.

Voodoo doll
Rotimiadeemo condemns the voodoo spell of erectile dysfunction

Adeemo, a Nigerian citizen from Portadown, was initially charged with attempted murder, but he denied it, but later intentionally yuan. He pleaded guilty to a minor charge of causing serious physical harm to his partner.

She suffered multiple injuries, including collapse of her lungs, bleeding into the brain, ribs, nose, and jaw fractures, and spent three days at Royal Victoria Hospital.

The court heard that the defendant and the accused had a terminated relationship prior to the attack.

Following this farewell, Adeemo began dating one of her female neighbors, causing pain between his former couple.

Belfast's Laganside Courts
Adeyemo is a video link

Barrister Barra McGrory QC returns Adeemo to her home two days before the attack He called and accused her of casting a voodoo spell on him who affected his ability to play in bed.

This is the "significant factor of discomfort from a motivational point of view" in the case of the crown, McGrory said, saying that women should go to the doctor because Adeyemo has no spells. Said said.

At 7:15 am on August 3, Adeemo returned to her home and launched an attack as soon as she entered. It started by grabbing her throat and she couldn't speak or breathe.

Man in black jeans covering his crotch
Adeyemo blamed hard after failing to co-star with his former neighbor (stock image)

Adeyemo is her The kitchen where the attack continued from the throat. Threatening to kill her, Adeemo picked up a knife freehand and used it to cut her throat.

The woman counterattacked the knife away from her throat and placed her on the strangled floor.

At this point, she grabbed the plate and slammed it against Adeyemo's head, causing a bleeding wound and later telling police that she had "completely lost" Adeyemo. The

attack continued in the backyard and was seen by her neighbor who called the police. It was also witnessed by the daughter of a woman who asked Adeemo to quit.

Voodoo is practicing in Adeemo's native Nigeria

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A seriously injured woman was also beaten on her face while being taken care of by the police on the couch. Kicked, she lost consciousness and came around. The aftermath of the attack was captured in police-wearing footage and described by Judge Fowler as "disastrous."

In this video you can see a woman with a serious facial injury, but Adeemo complains that she has cast a spell on him to stop the penis from working. It is recorded that. Adeemo was arrested while the woman was taken to the hospital, where she was being treated for multiple injuries.

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