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Donald Trump's son humiliated after embarrassing blunder on new book's front cover

The President’s son is publishing a new book called Liberal Privilege, with the subtitle “Joe Biden and the Democrat’s Defense of the Indefensible”. However eagle-eyed grammarians have mocked the use, or misuse, of the possessive apostrophe in the subheading. The apostrophe should come after Democrats' to refer to the Democrats in their entirety.

Mr Trump Jr has the apostrophe before the 's' – suggesting only one Democrat. Only then would the sentence become grammatically correct.

On Twitter Mr Trump Jr said he’d been working on the book during the last few months of quarantine.

He said how he was “blown away by what Biden has gotten away with”.

“Libs,” he added, are “already triggered” by the book.

Donald Trump Jr at CPAC conference

Donald Trump Jr at CPAC conference (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

It is reported that Trump Jr was also very careful about sharing the book's cover on Twitter, only revealing small glimpses of it.

Especially after Axios, an American news website broke the news about the title, leading to him being publically mocked for the grammatical error.

His previous book, Triggered, was a New York Times No 1 bestseller.

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Joe Biden, US Democrat Nominee

Joe Biden, US Democrat Nominee (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

However, sales were reportedly boosted because the Republican National Committee had been placing bulk orders.

According to Axios, Trump Jr is self-publishing the new book as “a shot across the bow” to traditional publishers.

He has also “partnered” on it with the Trump Victory Finance Committee’s chief of staff, Sergio Gor.

The audiobook will be read by his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, an ex-Fox News television personality who is a senior fundraiser for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.


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Donald Trump, President of the United States

Donald Trump, President of the United States (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

And amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ms Guilfoyle tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Trump Jr said: “That’s how we came up with the idea for her to do the audiobook.”

“We would take turns reading the chapters out loud for flow ... Love in a time of COVID.”

Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle and Donald Trump, Jr. speak with reporter Brahm Resnik

Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle and Donald Trump, Jr. speak with reporter Brahm Resnik (Image: GETTY IMAGE)

TJ Ducklo, Joe Biden’s national press secretary, said: “Liberal Privilege is the latest in a series of desperate and pathetic attempts to distract from the president’s historic bungling of the coronavirus response.

“Is there anything more on brand than Donald Trump Jr trying to cash in on a book filled with disgusting lies and smears about Joe Biden?”

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