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Dundee Council refuses to say whether Olympia builders will pay compensation

Dundee City Councillegal counsel may withdraw compensation from the contractor behind theDundeecollapsing Olympia Leisure Complex. I refuse to say if I can.

The complex was first opened to the public in June 2013 after being built by Balfour Beatty's building company Mansell. The Break Subcommittee on Wednesday illuminated a green light of more than£ 6.1 million of public fundsto spend on critical repairs at the center in the city center.

Dundee Live previously revealed that the original £ 4.5 million repair costcanceled the savingsmade by the municipality by choosing the cheapest possible construction contract. I made it.

Repairs are in progress, but the project was also sent for scrutiny to clearly identify why the repairscost surged. LaborCouncilor Kevin Keinan asked, "What is your legal position to know about the proceedings against the developers?"

Roger Many, Head of Democratic and Legal Services of the Council, said:

This was picked up by another Labor councilor, Georgia Krugshank, for an answer. She asked, "Can a legal officer see if a contractor can incur costs?"

Many again referred to the previous legal basis. Cruickshank argued, "Don't you think it's in the public interest?"

An inspection revealed corroded fixtures were leaving lights hanging
Inspection revealed that the corroded fixture was still hanging the light

At this point,SNPCommission convener Willie Sawers will clarify the situation. It was made. He states: "There is always a conflict of interest in giving legal advice."

Balfour Beatty has so far refused to comment on issues at Olympia. Over the last few weeks, Dandonian has been angry over the demolition and reconstruction of the building.

Neil Martin, Head of Design and Property for the Council, reported in an adjournment subcommittee that it would be even more costly in the current economic situation.

He states: "We did some research on other previous builds. Broadly speaking, construction costs in the UK have tripled. Rebuilding costs £ 80 to £ 90 million."

The initial construction cost was £ 31.5 million. The councilor sought an answer to the residents' concerns.

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"Who's responsible for how this happened? It should go scrutinizing. That's the decision," said Labor Council Helen Wright. rice field. Cllr Keenan has expressed doubts about the care of the facility.

He states: Many things seem to have expired. The building has expired considerably.

However, Robin Presswood, Executive Director of Development at Dundee House, replied: This shows a considerable maintenance cost.

£ 6.1 million was raised from the Council's budget for health, care and welfare, the Renewal and Repair Fund, and Covid-19 emergency funding.

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