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EastEnders fans shocked after Lola is attacked by thugs in Peggy’s

EASTENDERS fans were left shocked after Lola Pearce was attacked by thugs in Peggy's during tonight's episode.

The beautician - who is played by Danielle Harold in the BBC soap - got injured in armed showdown during Jay Brown's surprise birthday party.

Over the last few days, Lola has been busy trying to organise the special event.

The hairdresser was very excited about the party and while Lexi was at school, she headed to Peggy's to get the venue set up.

While Lola put up the balloons and made the place look good, Sharon Watts and Kat Slater tried to convince Phil Mitchell to sell the bar to Shirley.

However Phil said that would never happen - and she is banned, as well as his sister Sam Mitchell.

Elsewhere, Sam met gangster Jonah Tyler in a car by Peggy's.

She told him that Phil could not know that they were meeting and told him that she couldn't pay the money that she owed to him.

Sam told him that he had kicked her out, and was sleeping at Peggy's.

Later on in the episode, Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway were given the task to get Jay - who has just been dumped by Honey - out to his party.

He made it clear that he didn't want to go out and Ben had to ruin the surprise to make him leave the house.

Meanwhile Jonah and his thugs were sat outside Peggy's in a car.

He told them that he had to go into the bar, get Sam Mitchell to open the safe and leave with his money.

One asked what Sam looks like, to which Jonah replied: "She's the blonde that works in the office."

They found Lola standing in the office after she had stormed off when Jay upset her during a conversation.

The businessman upset her after he called the party "stupid" and told her that it wasn't really his thing.

He also brought up when she dumped him on his 21st birthday party, and said that he's never been able to enjoy one since.

"Open the safe," one of Jonah's thugs told Lola.

She shouted back: "I don't know anything about the safe!"

Meanwhile Jonah saw Sam walking out of the club while sat his in car.

Lola managed to get out of the office by pushing the man over and ran to where the rest of the guests were.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their shock over what happened.

One said: "Lola is one badass b***h beating up that man."

Another added: "Lola getting killed off is becoming real now I'm sad."

Back in June it was revealed that Danielle Harold has been axed from the programme and her character is due to be killed off.