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EastEnders spoilers LIVE — Tragic aftermath of Lola Pearce’s death revealed as fans hail ‘amazing’ soap star

EASTENDERS fans will watch next week as Walford legend Lola Pearce tragically passes away.

Danielle Harold's character saw her condition worsen on EastEnders this week as her death, which is confirmed to take place on May 31, looms ever closer.

In a series of new spoilers for the BBC soap, it is revealed that Lola's daughter, Lexi will be the main focus after Wednesday's heartbreaking scenes.

Lola's loved ones will struggle to console the young girl, as Ben and Jay share a box of her mum's favourite memories with her.

This comes as fans have taken to Twitter to hail Harold's "amazing" and "wonderful" performance as a young mum battling a brain tumour.

Read our EastEnders spoilers blog below for the latest news and gossip...

  • Inside the life of former EastEnders star Charlie Clements

    Charlie Clements, who played Bradley Branning in EastEnders, has now swapped the world of soaps for the kitchen.

    Following his exit from the BBC soap, which saw him killed off on the show’s 25th anniversary, Charlie is now working as a chef – and he has big plans for the future.

    The 35-year-old is hoping to one day open a pizza restaurant.

    Sharing a photo of a wood fired pizza oven, Charlie wrote: “I’m thinking a @netflixuk documentary that follows me from start to finish of opening a pizza restaurant!!”

    Speaking about his career switch, Bradley previously told the Sun: “It was just a way of me supporting the family. At the end of the day the kids and the family come first. I’ve never been afraid of work and never been work shy.”

    He added: “Acting is always my first love and will always be my career choice but at the end of the day I’ve got bills to pay and a family to support like everyone else.”

  • EastEnders star set for bombshell return after four years away

    EastEnders icon Lucy Benjamin is returning to our screens four years after fleeing Walford with her on-screen daughter.

    The actress, 52, last appeared on our screens as Lisa Fowler in 2020 when she went on the run with her daughter Louise after Keanu Taylor’s death.

    Confirming the news, Lucy told The Mirror: “I can’t wait to return as Lisa after leaving for Portugal with Louise and Peggy in 2019.

    “No doubt, in true Lisa fashion, she will bring plenty of drama for many of the characters, which is why playing her is such a delight.”

    Lucy first joined EastEnders in 1998 and had several stints on the show over the years.

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  • ‘Lola’s story has been a very hard one to tell’

    Actress Danielle Harold who plays Lola Pearce in EastEnders previously told the BBC her storyline ”has been a very hard one to tell.”

    Dannielle said: ”Lola’s story has been a very hard one to tell and one that sadly affects so many people.

    “Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer yet historically only 1% of research is allocated to this devastating disease.

    “I would like to take a moment for everybody that has reached out to me and shared their experiences with me, I have read every message and hold all of your messages close to my heart whilst playing this story.

    “I have been blessed to meet the most incredible people and work with some wonderful charities along the way and I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, advice and love.”

  • EastEnders fans react to Lola Pearce’s ‘heartbreaking’ storyline

    EastEnders fans have shared their reactions to Lola Pearce‘s ”heartbreaking” storyline.

    Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: ”The scene with Lola getting baptised was so beautiful. Next week is gonna be hard to watch. #eastenders.”

    A second said: ”The scenes with Lola are the most heartbreaking ever…and i think its going to get worse .. hankies are at the ready #EastEnders.”

    While a third penned: ”It’s so sad knowing that this time next week we’ll all be grieving for Lola.”

  • A look back at Bradley Branning’s fatal fall in EastEnders

    In a live episode to mark 25 years of EastEnders, viewers were shocked when fan favourite Bradley Branning met his end. 

    Bradley was accused of killing Stacey Slater’s rapist Archie Mitchell – played by Larry Lamb – after he punched him twice on the night he died. 

    After getting a tip off he was about to be arrested, Bradley tried to escape Walford with Stacey but forgot their passport and had to return to the Square. 

    He was spotted by a police woman who chased him up a fire escape, but Bradley lost his balance and plunged to his death. 

  • When will Lola Pearce die in EastEnders?

    EastEnders’ viewers have been left in tears watching Lola Pearce getting more and more sick.

    The young mum-of-one doesn’t have long until she passes away from terminal cancer.

    We can now confirm that Lola will die during the EastEnders episode on May 31, 2023.

    Her last scenes were filmed in April 2023 and her funeral has also already been shot, so this will likely to follow not long after she passes away.

  • Danielle Harold lands first role after Lola Pearce’s tragic death

    EastEnders’ Danielle Harold has landed her first role ahead of her tragic soap exit next week.

    The Sun can exclusively reveal that Danielle has signed up to appear on Celebrity Hunted for Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer.

    She will be teaming up with former Coronation Street star Kimberley Hart-Simpson.

    A source revealed: “After filming’s Lola’s storyline, Danielle is keen to do whatever she can to help raise money for the fight against cancer.

    “She will throw herself into the show and hopefully stay hidden long enough to beat the Hunters.”

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  • Lola Pearce’s final days revealed in series of heartbreaking snaps

    The final days of EastEnders icon Lola Pearce have been revealed in a series of heartbreaking snaps.

    The fan-favourite Walford resident is set to pass away next week after a battle with cancer.

  • Can you visit the EastEnders set?

    Due to the soap’s filming schedule – which was four 30-minute episodes prior to coronavirus – there have previously been no tours of the EastEnders sets or of the studio. 

    And given that the current home of EastEnders in Elstree isn’t accessible to the general public, it seems unlikely that the new set will be. 

    EastEnders have announced that the set, which was originally supposed to be completed by 2018, won’t be ready until some point this year, so fans can expect tours to begin soon.

  • EastEnders spoilers: New faces set to arrive in Walford next week

    Coming up next week, Elaine’s secret partner George Knight (Colin Salmon) makes his arrival in Walford with his daughters Anna and Gina (respectively portrayed by Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry) in tow.

    The three of them arrive at The Vic and Linda is stunned when George introduces himself as Elaine’s new man.

    George informs her they’ve all arrived from Marbella to help run The Vic – which Linda hadn’t been made aware of by Elaine.

    Incandescent with rage to realise Elaine had planned to invite her fiancé and his family to join them all along, could Linda exact her revenge?

  • Fans loving Patrick's return

    Fans loved Patrick's return during tonight's episode to facetime Lola.

    One fan said: "PATRICK FACETIMING LOLA BECAUSE HIS HORSE WON. We miss you patrick!"

    A second wrote: "Patrick!! I’m glad he’s gonna get one last moment with Lola before she dies next week."

  • EastEnders legend Danny Dyer breaks his silence as daughter Dani gives birth

    Danny Dyer has shared his joy after his daughter Dani gave birth to twins with West Ham's Jarrod Bowen.

    The star, 26, who is already mum to her son Santiago, welcomed two daughters into the world on Monday.

    The former EastEnders star finally broke his silence on his happiness about becoming a grandfather for the second and third time.

    Danny commented on his daughter's post of the two little ones, writing: "Can't stop smiling," with two heart emojis.

  • When will Lola Pearce die in EastEnders?

    EastEnders’ viewers have been left in tears watching Lola Pearce getting more and more sick.

    The young mum-of-one doesn’t have long until she passes away from terminal cancer.

    We can now confirm that Lola will die during the EastEnders episode on May 31, 2023.

    Her last scenes were filmed in April 2023 and her funeral has also already been shot, so this will likely to follow not long after she passes away.

  • Inside EastEnders’ huge festival-style funeral for Lola Pearce

    EastEnders will celebrate tragic Lola Pearce’s life with a festival-style knees-up. 

    Pictures show Albert Square decked out with bunting and a balloon arch reading “Lola Fest”. 

    A small stage and table of food and drink complete the set as well as an array of colourful tents and gazebos. 

    A show source said: “As photos have already shown, Lola’s funeral will be a flower-strewn affair, with colourful blooms as Walford’s residents show their love for their tragic friend. 

    “But the wake will be a big celebration of the way Lola lived her life with music and laughter.

    “The whole Square will come together to share stories and it will make for a really touching episode.”

  • EastEnders spoilers for today: Freddie Slater makes surprising discovery

    Freddie Slater was shocked when his former teacher Theo Hawthorne told him he could have ADHD.

    The EastEnders favourite has no choice but to face the reality of a potential diagnosis tonight on BBC One.

    Freddie has struggled to come to terms with this possibility but in scenes airing tonight, his friend Bobby Beale (played by Clay Milner Russell) recommends he takes action.

    The youngster agrees to meet with the ADHD specialist following an honest chat with his pal.

    During the meeting, it becomes clear that Freddie has a lot of the tell-tale symptoms of ADHD.

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  • EastEnders teases social media takeover

    The BBC One soap has today teased fans with a social media takeover - and it involves three fan-favourite stars.

    Taking to Twitter, EastEnders shared a snap of Lola, Jay and Billy and wrote: ''Keep your eyes peeled for these three on our socials tomorrow. #EastEnders.''

  • Who does Jamie Borthwick play in EastEnders?

    Jamie has played Jay Brown in EastEnders since 2006.

    He was just 12 years old when Jay arrived in Walford as the son of Jason Dyer.

    He was an orphan at the age of 14 before being taken in by the Mitchell clan and becoming an honorary Mitchell.

    Jamie was also Abi Branning’s long-term boyfriend and the link between the Mitchells and Branning’s before he and Abi split due to his interest in Billy Mitchell’s granddaughter, Lola Pearce.

  • Fans in hysterics after spotting Stacey Slater’s ‘OnlyFans’ username 

    Fans were left in stitches this week – after seeing what Stacey Slater calls herself on a racy app.

    The character, played by Lacey Turner, has been selling adult photos of herself on an OnlyFans-style service.

    Viewers got a glimpse of her page when she visited pregnant daughter Lexi’s school.

    It showed EastEnders favourite Stacey seemingly topless below the username “Iceskater95”.

    ‘Stacey Slater ice skater’ is a name often referenced by fans ever since it was first used by her mum Jean on the soap over a decade ago.

  • Take a trip to Albert Sqaure tonight

    This week's final episode of EastEnders will air this evening.

    The upcoming scenes will see Ben continue to take drastic measures to help Lola.

    Elsewhere in the square, Freddie Slater makes a surprising discovery tonight on BBC One.

  • What cancer does Lola Pearce have?

    It was revealed in 2022 that Lola had an untreatable brain tumour.

    Doctors were hopeful they could cut out the majority of the tumour and then treat her with chemo and radiotherapy to get the rest of it.

    But sadly, this wasn’t the case and she was told she didn’t have long to live

    The beloved hairstylist has since been determined to make happy memories with her loved ones as her time quickly runs out.

  • Latest EastEnders spoilers:

    Stay tuned here on our live blog for all the latest news from Albert Sqaure.

  • EastEnders stars who quit the soap for 'normal' jobs

    Away from the world of soaps, a number of TV stars have swapped life on-screen for a life away from the cameras.

    Here we take a look at the EastEnders stars who have quit their television roles for 'normal' jobs.

    • Tony Discipline who played Tyler Moon - he’s now quit acting for firefighting.
    • Charlie Clements who played Bradley Branning - he's now a chef.
    • Hetti Bywater who played Lucy Beal - she's been spotted pulling pints in a London pub while between jobs.

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  • Eastenders boss opens up about the Knights

    EastEnders‘ executive producer has given the lowdown on Albert Square’s latest arrivals – the Knight family.

    Chris Clenshaw revealed: “The arrival of the Knights brings a new dawn to Albert Square.

    “George Knight is a charming rogue and an old-school gent who dotes on his two daughters, Gina and Anna.

    “George will take up residence in The Queen Vic when he joins his beloved Elaine, a powerhouse of a landlady who knows just how to have fun.

    “The couple will be joined by feisty, determined and demanding Gina, who is as sharp and cool as cut diamonds but with a temper that blazes like fire, whereas younger sister Anna is fun, loveable and big-hearted, but don’t underestimate her.

    “George, Gina and Anna have been bound together for years and arriving in Walford is the fresh start the Knights are looking for.”

  • When is EastEnders on ITV?

    Much like Emmerdale over on ITVEastEnders airs during the week on BBC One.

    However, after years of airing on Friday evenings, the program was forced to stick to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

    The schedule change was made in early 2022 and has remained the same ever since.

    EastEnders is in direct competition with Emmerdale as it also airs at 7.30pm.

    Soap fans can then catch up with the program on the BBC iPlayer.

  • Spolier: Jay Brown carries late wife Lola Pearce’s coffin at her funeral

    Lola Pearce’s emotional exit is fast approaching.

    Funeral scenes have been filmed for upcoming EastEnders episodes with Jay Brown actor Jamie Borthwick at the forefront.

    After more than a decade in Walford, actress Danielle Harold will be bowing out of the BBC One soap as her character Lola Pearce dies a tragic death brought on by a terminal brain tumour.