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Emmerdale fans’ shock as Mackenzie Boyd’s mystery lover reveals herself – and drops a bombshell

EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Mackenzie Boyd’s mystery lover was revealed - with a gigantic bombshell.

The mystery of who Mackenzie cheated on Charity Dingle with has been on-going for several weeks but tonight it was finally confirmed when he got a frantic phone call.

“You shouldn’t be calling me,” Mackenzie said realising who had called him.

“There is no us. Fine, I will meet you if it gets you off my back. I’m not meeting you here though, I’ll text you where.”

The part-time barman-come-farmer headed to a field outside the village to wait for his mystery lover.

Chloe revealed herself by saying: “Finally stopped ignoring me then?”

“Thanks for agreeing to meet. I know it’s risky but we really need to talk. Mackenzie please.”

“Don’t be getting any ideas,” Mackenzie told her. 

“You have to listen. The only reason I agreed to meet with you is because you weren’t taking my very very strong hints. 

“So I’ll spell it out for you, I am not interested. I’m with Charity. There’s nothing to understand, you were a one-off, stop harassing me.”

As Chloe tried to interrupt, Mackenzie told her to leave him alone and accused her of being a stalker like Noah.

She was taken aback, and tried to interrupt him again but Mackenzie was having none of it.

He told her: “Grow up Chloe, leave me alone, I don’t want anything to do with you. You were a big, drunken mistake."

Storming off, Chloe was in shock - but by the end of the episode she had a bigger shock to come.

Opening up to Kerry, she told her that she had slept with Mackenzie and she was shocked.

Kerry warned her to stay away from him or Charity would rip her head off - but she had to go to work.

And when she left Chloe revealed her last secret - bringing out a positive pregnancy test.

Viewers are in shock at the development.

One wrote: "OMG it was Chloe and she is pregnant! What is Mack going to do now when he finds out?"

A second said: "Oh my god Chloe was the one he slept with, we finally found out."

Another added a 'facepalm' emoji and wrote: "Oh Chloe!"