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Emmerdale fans slam ‘biphobic’ Victoria Sugden after boyfriend Luke reveals he slept with a man

EMMERDALE fans have accused Victoria Sugden of biphobia over her reaction to boyfriend Luke Posner telling her he had slept with a man.

The chef - who is played by actress Isabel Hodgins in the ITV soap - insisted she didn’t have a problem with Luke having slept with a man, but her actions said otherwise.

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Luke had been forced to tell Victoria about his past after his ex’s flatmate Ethan arrived in the village.

Tonight he opened up to Victoria about it - and told her he had slept with a man before.

But Victoria’s reaction was one of anger.

“Why now?” she said. 

“When I think of the thousands of times we’d poured our hearts out to each other, and what we’ve said, you’d think it would have come up before? 

“So you knew Ethan before he came here? Is that why you’re telling me in case he did first?”

Luke tried to explain: “I went back to his place and Ethan was his housemate. I met him but the next morning it was awkward and I was just trying to get out of there. 

“It was a one night stand, but then Ethan came here and recognised me otherwise it might come out otherwise.”

He added: “I’m not bisexual. I swear I’m straight.”

But Victoria insisted he had to be in denial, saying: “I have been through this too many times because I was Aaron’s first when we were teenagers. 

“Yes, Aaron who was gay and boy did that cause problems before he came out. And then there’s Robert who ruined his marriage because he was lying about who he was. Not only have you lied, but you’ve pretended that you haven’t and that’s kind of worth.”

She said: “Robert used to go on about how much he loved Chrissie and all the while he was having an affair with Aaron. Who he was in love with - let’s not forget that. 

“Unless you’re in denial like he was? I can’t get my head around the fact you never told me until now. It’s not just about the lying and the betrayal. I have to think about what I need - not just for me, I’ve got Harry to think of too.”

Fans accused Victoria of being biphobic and said she wouldn’t have reacted this way had Luke told her about a woman.

Emmerdale shock as Luke Posner admits to having an ex boyfriend but demands Ethan keeps quiet to Victoria

One wrote: "If Victoria's reaction isn't: 'that's fine, my boyfriend is bi, thanks for telling me' then I will go nuts"

A second said: "if they make my queen victoria dingle biphobic am starting a riot"

Another added: "I hope Victoria is ok with Luke still. They are good together"

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