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Euro 2020 best pictures: Expert picks the best photographs from 2021 tournament

Throughout Euro 2020, Getty Images senior director of photography for sport, Paul Gilham will pick his best pictures from the tournament.

Day one: Euro 2020 kicks off with a bang in Rome

Within sport we have waited a long time for the European Football Championships. Football with fans, football with atmosphere. There is nothing better than a major tournament. Emotions and adrenaline ran high when Turkey and Italy took to the pitch as Uefa celebrated the start of Euro 2020. An event that unites the world through the love of the beautiful game. This picture has an atmosphere that captures the significance of the European Football Championships. Picture by Alberto Pizzolio of our partner AFP.

Day two: Tragedy strikes in Copenhagen

Watching the live edit come in as we witnessed Christian Eriksen collapse on the pitch during Denmark vs Finland was hard to see and emotional for the team. While we took a very considered approach in what we uploaded and sent to our clients, this picture tells the story of a moment that puts everything into perspective. Our thoughts are with Christian, his family and teammates.

Day three: Tournament lifts off with thriller in Amsterdam

On a day when we celebrated England’s opening win of Euro 2020 against Croatia it was actually the Netherlands vs Ukraine that proved to be the highlight of the day with a thrilling 3-2 win to the hosts in Amsterdam. In this picture Roman Yaremchuk of Ukraine is challenged by Stefan de Vrij of the Netherlands. Picture by Lukas Schulze for Uefa via Getty Images.

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