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Holiday hotspots in Europe reinstate strict Covid rules for surge cases

Face masks have been reintroduced due to the surge in Covid cases at a popular holiday hotspot.

British heading to Cyprus will need to wear the face cover again at the indoor venue.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website states: "As of July 8, 2022, the use of face masks is mandatory at all indoor venues and at all public transports over the age of 12.

If you violate the rules of the British. A fine of 300 euros will be imposed.

The Ministry of Health said that in the current situation of Covid, "protective measures need to be revised to contain the spread of the virus,

The status of Covid in Cyprushas escalated in recent weeks, with data from the Department of Health's Epidemiological Monitoring Unit confirming a positive rate of 13% from 25 June {15. }

Countrylifted the Covid rule in April, eliminating the need for British to be tested if unvamped.

But experts say spiral The incident warnedthat it could mean that the country could be forced to regain some of the strict rulesthis includes face masks, tests and Covid passes.

Not only Cyprus, but France, Spain, Greece and Portugal are one of the countries with the highest incidence.

The World Health Organization is BA.4. And while the BA.5 Omicron subvariant states that it is driving a new wave, the new Strand is milder.

In a weekly report released last Wednesday, the WHO said {31. } The number of cases in Europe increased by 33% in one week, the second highest (47%) after the Eastern Mediterranean.

Canary Islands and Costa del Sol British heading to may be forced to wear the mask againif the situation continues to worsen.

Amós García Rojas, Canary Islands Public health officials have stated that it cannot be ruled out to request masks indoors again "to protect the vulnerable."

In Germany, the number of cases is increasing rapidly, so we are considering introducing the required face mask.