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Fight terror like telly's Bodyguard

Police want viewers hooked on the show’s terrorist plotline to consider careers in the force.

During episodes officers send out tweets under #Bodyguard with a link to Counter Terrorism Policing’s online careers page.

One message read: “While everyone is hooked on @BBCOne #Bodyguard, our counterterrorism policing teams continue to work around the clock to keep the country safe... Could it be the career for you?”

Before last night’s penultimate episode, the move had prompted 4,000 extra hits on the police recruitment site.



“Your role could see you working with security partners both at home and abroad”

Neil Basu

It has been such a success officers are now targeting the show’s 10million viewers on Instagram too.

Police chiefs gave the unusual recruitment drive the go-ahead after seeing how the nation was gripped by the drama which stars Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes.

The real police jobs advertised may not seem as glamorous, and include communications and IT roles for an “intelligence indexer” and “digital specialist in equipment interference”.

But the police unit, headed by Neil Basu, assistant commissioner for counter terrorism at the Met, promises: “Your role could see you working with security partners both at home and abroad.

“If the worst happens and an attack occurs you’ll be helping to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The initiative is designed to attract young “tech-savvy” staff to help combat terror plots spotted online.

Dean Haydon, senior national co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing, said: “If we’re capturing the imagination of people who might not have considered a career in policing, that’s a great step forward.

“Of course we need more detectives and more armed offi cers, similar to those in the programme.

“But just as important are those with the technical knowledge and skills to exploit terrorists’ digital devices for crucial evidence gathering.”

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