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Studies show that four-tenths of travel insurance does not cover strikes by airport or airline staff.

If you plan to go on vacation, we recommend that you double-check yourtravel insurance. Many may not be aware that not all policies cover strike cancellations. This happens when workers leave major airlines such asRyanairand BA. Which is the report by

? A major consumer-choice company,, analyzed 199 policies offered by 71 providers and provided cover if travelers had to cancel theirtrip due to a strike. Found 6/10, equivalent to a total of 120. .. This can cause some travelers to get out of their pockets during a current airline strike.

Airlines are required by law torefundfor canceled flights, but this does not apply to hotel and other holiday bookings. Consumer organizations have urged vacation insurance companies to carefully examine travel insurance policies and make sure they have strike covers.

Consumer experts say Covid's coverage seems to be a problem with most travel insurance policies, and one-tenth offers "full" Covid protection. I also found that it was less than. According to consumer companies, full compensation should include:

  • Emergency medical care if a traveler is infected with Covid abroad
  • Option to charge cancellation fee if Covid test is positive before travel
  • Cover If the legal requirements for self-quarantine are reintroduced due to close contact
  • Foreign, Federal&Development Bureau travels to a destination for Covid or due to regional or national travel restrictions Will be covered if advised to ban.

However, the report states that two-thirds of the policy covers the first three points outlined, but not the fourth point where the FCO changes the rules at the "superior" level. We have discovered that we offer what is considered a Covid cover for.

How can I ensure a refund during a strike?

During these months of package travel turmoil, it may be worth choosing a package trip, which is the right of those who have their vacation canceled by the package tour operator to get a refund by law. Because there is. This includes when a worker strikes or when Covid's rules change in one country and a cancellation occurs.

ATOL-protected package travel will be fully refunded, even if the company goes out of business due to the confusion that caused the cancellation or in the meantime. In addition, when purchasing with a credit card, if the service provided is not as advertised, the provider is legally obliged to refund for purchases over £ 100 and the company will not refund, consumers said. Advise the brand.

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Apart from these tips, carefully examine your travel insurance policy before making a purchase to ensure that all confusion is explained. Is important. It can happen during this summer of travel turmoil.

Jenny Ross, which one? The Money Editor states: “Travelers are advised to always carefully review their policies to ensure that they have the best coverage for their trip and that the coverage has been applied from the time of booking.”

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