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Frank Lampard confronted Christine's stalker as TV star tells court of 'sinister' tweets

The TV presenter has explained how her stalker’s “disturbing” tweets led her to tell husband Frank about her concerns.

Christof King, 39, pleaded guilty to stalking last week, but says he didn’t send the “sinister and dark” tweets.

A court heard King sent Christine tweets which had content that was "from dark to loving to incoherent".

King, who wanted career advice from Lampard, sent letters and turned up at her house on more than one occasion, when she had to hide in a bedroom with the housekeeper.

Christine Lampard Frank stalker tweets trial court threat GETTY

CHILLING: Frank Lampard confronted Christine's stalker at a hearing today

She said some tweets were "incoherent waffle", with some tagging her employer ITV and her husband.

Christine said these tweets made her pay attention, and because "there was so many of them".

She said King later turned up at her home and she immediately recognised him as the "man from Twitter".

Christine Lampard Frank stalker tweets trial court threat PA

STALKER: King pleaded guilty to stalking Christine last week

Christine said she was 100% certain it was him and made Mr Lampard aware of who it was.

Mr Lampard went out to speak to King for around seven minutes as Mrs Lampard watched the exchange from their living room.

One tweet he is alleged to have sent said: "I can hear the scratch of nails as I sharpen them ahead of your crucifixion."

Another said: "I am planning the words that will go on your gravestone."

Christine Lampard Frank stalker tweets trial court threat GETTY

SINISTER: King is accused of sending Christine tweets

Christine Lampard Frank stalker tweets trial court threat GETTY

UNITED: Frank confronted Christine's stalker

Christine, who is expecting her first child with her husband, spoke from behind a curtain.

Christine said: “Because the tweets were so disturbing, to the extent that I showed it to my husband as well and shared my concerns."

King denied sending tweets about planning for the TV presenter's crucifixion and insisted he did not want to distress her.

King told the court he wanted to apologise for being 'overly nice' to Christine Lampard.

King told the court: “She [Christine] has always had an attraction for me.

“I admire her work on TV and always have done.

“What I am wanting to apologise for is being overly nice. What I have never been is malicious.

“I never wanted to cause her serious alarm and distress. I am absolutely mortified that it's come to this.

“I never have acted in a vindictive or malicious way, I've just been wearing my heart on my sleeve.

“Had I been blocked I would have known – there are times where I think perhaps I don't read people well enough.”

Christine Lampard Frank stalker tweets trial court threat PA

'ADMIRER': King said he never wanted to cause Christine alarm or distress

King also said the letters were often sent "tongue-in-cheek" and a letter containing a questionnaire to her dog proved his “weird sense of humour.”

After his arrest, police found more letters and a PowerPoint presentation about his “fantasy love interest”.

On one of the letters, dated November 14, 2014, said: “I do fancy your arse off and I worship the ground you walk on.”

Former England international Frank Lampard sat opposite his wife as she gave evidence.

The court heard Frank was not only concerned about the safety of his wife, but also his daughters who are aged 10 and 12.

A Newton hearing is used when two sides offer such conflicting evidence that a judge will try to discover which party is telling the truth.

They are usually used when a defendant pleads guilty to an offence, like in this case.

The hearing continues.

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