A NEW service has been launched for Monklands consumers with free, impartial and practical advice on the impact of Brexit.

The brexitadvice.scot platform from Advice Direct Scotland includes information on transport and travel, household expenditure, banking, and roaming charges.

Examples include the additional documentation needed if driving abroad, limits on alcohol that can be brought back to the UK, and steps to take if travelling with a pet.

The site emphasises the importance of having health insurance and outlines holidaymakers’ consumer rights.

There is also advice on how to avoid scammers trying to take advantage of any confusion following Brexit, and how to deal with unfair terms in any consumer contracts.

While the service is aimed directly at consumers, there is also useful advice for some businesses as well, such as the impact of leaving the EU on buying goods from the EU.

Andrew Bartlett, chief executive of Advice Direct Scotland, said: “While people are advised against all but essential travel at the moment, the UK’s departure from the EU will have a lasting impact on holidaymakers and consumers when life returns to normality – as well as those who buy goods from the EU.

“We’ve launched brexitadvice.scot to help consumers understand the practical changes caused by Brexit, with impartial information on its impact and free advice.

“This is particularly important when it comes to issues such as travel insurance, travelling with pets, and driving abroad.

“As always, the experts at advice.scot are available to provide free advice to anyone in Scotland.”

Brexitadvice.scot can also be contacted by phone for more details on 0808 800 9060.