Great Britain
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Ghosts unmasked by the Scooby Doo Gang ask to stay as caretakers until autumn

Caught by the Scooby Doogang and unmasked, Phantom PM asked if he could maintain his position as a caretaker until September.

A group of five teens and a group of dogs plan to scare people from the historic home at the very seat of the British government and make them rich I caught a Specter who seems to have been standing up. He admitted he was guilty, but asked for a few more months.

Fred Jones, the gang leader of Scooby Doo, said: Play with the child.

"But he abandons his position because it's reckless and a safe pair of hands to continue as the caretaker he was posing for. Say you can't, and it's all in line with the constitutional precedent.

"What he does continues as usual and under Downing Street Smuggling diamonds from one forgotten mine and making sure everything is wonderfully stable for the next incumbent.

"I believe in him. After all, he seems to be a charming man, except for the terrible abuse of power and the horror of the whole country. What harm is there? "

Phantom PM states: What is the real harm? !! While rubbing his hand with a malicious sneer.