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The delighted sturgeon welcomes "relief" as Boris resigns and takes advantage of the crisis to promote indie voting again

Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon joins Twitter To celebrate the resignation of the Prime Minister. (Image: GETTY)
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The First Scottish Minister visited Twitter to celebrate the expulsion of the Prime Minister and took advantage of this event for her. We took advantage of our next commitment to independence. Referendum.

She states: Isn't it ideal and certainly sustainable?

"It was clear that Boris Johnson was not always suitable for the prime minister, but the problem is much more serious than one individual. Westminster's system is broken."

She went on to say that Tory Party members would not be elected in Scotland, accusing workers of "supporting Brexit" as Tory Party.

If she was subsequently approved by the Supreme Court, she took the opportunity to re-promote her second Independent Referendum, scheduled for October 19th next year.

She added: "For Scotland, the democratic deficit government inherent in Westminster will not be corrected by the PM change. In Scotland, no alternative Prime Minister Tory was elected. And from a policy perspective, supporting the Labor Party. It's hard to understand what the real difference that Hard Breakgit offers is.

"Independence only happens if the majority of Scotland chooses it. There is no doubt that it is a true permanent alternative to Westminster and offers the opportunity to unlock our potential at home and fulfill our role as a good one. Global citizens. It's time to make a choice. "

The Scottish Prime Minister insisted that" leadership is difficult "and wanted the retiring Prime Minister to work at a personal level.

She states: "Finally, my differences with Boris Johnson are many and serious. But leadership is difficult and causes a lot of stress and tension. At a personal level, I hope he and his family will be well. "

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