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Happy Bench to be installed in Bradford Moor Park

As part of their ongoing fundraising efforts, Friends member, community campaigner and Bradford Moor Labour candidate Cath Bacon has secured £1,000 funding to provide for a Happy Bench to be installed in Bradford Moor Park.

A Happy Bench is a seating place where people can rest, relax and have a chat.

A sign indicates that people sitting there are pleased to talk to others.

The bench will help park users look after their mental health as for some isolation has increased during lockdown and many people have not had someone to talk to for a long time.

It also promotes cohesion because the bench is open to anyone, young and old alike, from every background.

Cath said: "I’m proud to have worked with The Friends of Bradford Moor Park for over a year now. I’m part of the core group and the funding committee and I am very happy to have secured this funding from the Innovation Fund for the benefit of the community. I hope to continue my work with the group and do much more in future."

Naz Kosar, who runs the Friends of Bradford Moor Park, said: “It’s so refreshing to have the support of Cath Bacon, who is driven to improve the lives of many residents in the area.

"The Happy Bench will be installed as part of a community garden which will allow park users to have a sanctuary place to either think, de-stress or simply have a quiet place to read a book in a beautiful green area.

"Bradford Moor Park is an important green area in the ward and Friends of Bradford Moor Park welcome new members to take part in their journey to making a positive change. Please feel free to join us on Facebook and take part.”

Anyone who would like to join the Friends of Bradford Moor Park, visit

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