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A sad tribute to the 21-year-old Brit rugby player with a "cheeky smile" who drowned in a pool in Cyprus with his family

A "cheeky smile" drowned in a hotel pool during a vacation in Cyprus was a touching compliment to a young Englishman. A tragic 21-year-old rugby player named

Ben Woodswas unknowingly found in the pool by a hotel guestat the King Eberson Hotel in Paphos on Tuesday.

Wigan, a young man from Lee, was pulled out of the water, but he was not saved despite a desperate attempt to revive him.

He died shortly after receiving intensive care at Paphos General Hospital.

Now, devastated friends and family share emotional compliments to "really missed" and "nice young man".

The Lee East Rugby League Club, where Ben has been playing since childhood, paid tribute to "always there with a cheeky smile and I feel very lonely" and "a precious member."

The 1918 Leetown team, where Ben worked as an apprentice, paid tribute to "a lovely young man who touched the lives of some of our members."

The young man's coach said he missed having "a lovely kid who enjoyed life" and "a contagious smile and a crazy sense of humor."

One of Ben's grieving friends posted on social media: Woods will be deeply missed by all of us.

"No matter what the mood, you won't be disappointed to have a smile on every young man's face."

Another friend said, Ben said, "Always make everyone smile. I'm having a great time at the heart of laughing and dancing&. "

One of Ben's close friends said he was "always angry" about the loss of "absolute legends" that "made time for someone and made them smirk"

Another of Ben's colleagues said, "The world is definitely a dull place."

Ben was on vacation on the island with his parents when a tragedy broke out at a hotel in a tomb in the Kings district. The British who witnessed the

incident accused the lifeguards of being "insufficiently trained" and "too far away" from their bodies.

He told The Sun Online:

Another hotel guest described the incident as "it's painful to see."

She wrote in a Facebook post: It was painful to see. 

"They have been working on him for years, but they haven't gone anywhere. 

" The poor woman who found him found her Congratulations. "

Police are currently investigating the case.

They ruled out the possibility of criminal activity.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: The British people who died in Cyprus.