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How much do the cast of This Is Us get paid?

WHEN This Is Us launched back in 2016, no one could have expected the meteoric success it would have.

Fast forward four years and five seasons of the hit show, and the cast are now VERY rich people indeed.

How much do the cast of This Is Us get paid?

Milo Ventimiglia

Pay per episode: $250K (£193K)

Net worth: $12M (£9.2K)

Milo was one of the more famous faces when he started on the show.

Fans of Gilmore Girls will of course know him as Rory Gilmore's love interest and Luke Danes's nephew Jess Mariano.

He was later known for playing Peter Petrelli on the NBC series Heroes from 2006 to 2010.

When he first joined the show he was on £85K (£66K), so he has seen a significant pay rise over the years.

Mandy Moore

Pay per episode: $250K

Net worth: $10M (£7.7M)

Mandy was also famous before the show - not only as an actress, but also a singer.

The star has proved her worth on the show, as she has to constantly switch between her character Rebecca's ages during each episode.

Fans of This Is Us will know that series involves flashbacks from the late 70s, leading up to present day, and Mandy will sometimes be playing Rebecca in her 20s and then, in the next scene, she'll be in her 60s.

So deservingly her pay has gone up from $75K (£58K) in season 1 to $250K by 2020.

She has won praise for playing Rebecca, which has included winning a SAG award and being nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Justin Hartley

Pay per episode: $250K

Net worth: $7M (£5.4M)

The hunky Justin is worth a pretty penny thanks to This Is Us.

Before landing the role of Kevin Pearson, he was known for starring in daytime soap The Young And The Restless.

He now can command $250K an episode, after receiving $40K in season 1.

Chrissy Metz

Pay per episode: $250K

Net worth: $7M

Before she landed the role of Kate Pearson on This Is Us, Chrissy famously had less than a dollar in her bank account.

The actress had previously only had small roles in shows like American Horror Story and Entourage.

Fast forward four years, and she is one very rich woman.

Like Justin, she was paid $40K per episode, but that has increased to a whopping $250K.

Sterling K. Brown 

Pay per episode: $250K

Net worth: $10M

Sterling plays Randall - doting father and councilman, who was adopted by Jack and Rebecca at birth.

Apart from This Is Us, Sterling is known for playing Christopher Darden in the FX series The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016).

He was one of the more well known actors of the five, and, like Mandy, was paid $75K in season 1.

When is the release date for season 5 of This Is Us?

This Is Us returned to Amazon Prime Video UK on October 28, 2020.

A new episode will then drop every Wednesday, a day after it has screened in the US.

In America it will be screened every Tuesday on NBC at 9pm ET.

The Pearson family return for season 5 of This Is Us

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