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I crave sexual attention from my boyfriend — but it’s like he’s lost interest in me

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DEAR DEIDRE: WE used to be at it like bunnies but that’s changed.

I’m 22 and a happy, fun-loving girl. I’ve been with my boyfriend, who is 24, for a year. I love him but I’m getting frustrated and angry with him.

 I'm frustrated that a year into our relationship the sex is vanilla and only once a week

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I'm frustrated that a year into our relationship the sex is vanilla and only once a week

I really crave sexual attention from him but it’s like he has lost interest in me.

We used to be trying new things all the time and it made me feel wanted and loved.

Now we have sex once a week and it’s very vanilla.

It just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve tried talking to him about what turns me on but he simply tunes out.

DEIDRE SAYS: You need to dig deeper. Tell him you’re missing his loving.

Is he feeling stressed out or unwell? Has something significant happened to him he’s not shared with you? Does he struggle to change from new romance to lasting love, or is he thinking it’s time to move on?

Tell him it’s best to be honest so you can tackle it.

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