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I am 61 years old and my husband is 24 years old. It's said to look like you're in Stranger Things, but don't be afraid to show off your bikini's body.

Summer Ready

Some women are more self-conscious about wearing bikinis as they get older increase.

However, Cheryl McCain is not one such woman, but proudly shows off her appearance in two works adorned with pictures of her 24-year-old her husband Koran. did.

Cheryl McCain, 61, and her 24-year-old husband Quran shared a video on TikTok of themselves in swimwear with each other's faces printed on them


Cheryl McCain, 61 and her 24 years old -Old husband Koran shared a video with each other's faces printed on TikTok in a swimsuitCredits: tiktok / @ kingqurannewpage
The pair danced around in the swimwear for the video


The pair danced in a video swimsuitCredit: tiktok / @ kingqurannewpage

Koran took him to TikTok to share a video of Cheryl with himself in his new swimsuit. Both were characterized by each other's faces.

"Thank you for the wonderful swimsuit @yescustom " he wrote. In the

clip, I saw Cheryl and the Koran dancing around and having a good time.

"Help me why she looks like Vecna," he wrote cruelly.

"Plz don't wear it on the beach," another person added.

Third comment: "He's looking at the dust."

"That was the last straw," someone else wrote.

However, others argued that the trolls should not always make rude remarks and that Cheryl and the Koran should be left alone to enjoy their relationship.

Someone wrote, "Let's be kind."

"These two are just humans. They are children of someone. Let's work beyond our ego.

" I can't judge them. "

" "That's exactly what I mean," another agreed.

"I love to see ppl happy."

But cruel trolls compared Cheryl to Stranger Things villain Vecna


But the cruel troll compared Cheryl to the Stranger Things villain Vecna ​​Credits: tiktok / @ kingqurannewpage