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I’m a beauty pro – I’m reverse aging thanks to four tips, including ditching Botox, it makes me look a decade older

AS you get older your desire to spend money on tall heels may fade into spending money on Botox and fillers.

Though it's tempting to try these "instant aging solutions," one beauty pro shared the four tips that made her look younger, and she claimed Botox made her look a decade older.

When fine lines appear and your under-eye bags droop, Botox and fillers seem like the obvious solution.

YouTube's beauty guru Amy argued they made her look a decade older.

She posted a short clip explaining four tips she has for reverse aging, and you can see how well they worked for her.

Number one: No more Botox injections in your masseter.

"I chillaxed on having Botox injected into my masseter. I wanted that V-line look, but it was so aging," Amy admits.

"As we age, all the tissues in our face thin out, and if you're doing something that thins it out faster, it's incredibly aging."

Number two: Stop over-exfoliating your skin.

Amy says her skin developed a rough texture and constant breakouts from exfoliating too much.

For Amy, over-exfoliating led to inflammation.

"I also got a reality check on filler," she explains.

Number three: No more filler.

Amy realized that she didn't need it, and it wasn't even helpful.

"It's so aging. I see all these young girls doing it who do not need it. I mean, I look 40 in this photo. I have filler in my lips, my cheeks, my nose, my chin, and it's so aging," she says, pointing to an old photo.

Number four: Take care of your hair.

"Thick, shiny, healthy hair is one of the most youthful things, I would say. It makes you look younger more so than good skin," Amy proclaims.

One hairdresser disagreed with Amy's last tip.

"As a hairdresser, I can tell you the hair info can be very discouraging to many women. Some women can not grow hair like that," they angrily commented.

Another viewer summed up Amy's video in a simple sentence.

"Moral of the story: don't get things done, just rely on skincare," they wrote.