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I’m a car mechanic… your motor’s clanking sound could have an easy fix – and it’ll save you hundreds

A CAR mechanic has revealed there could be an easy fix which could save you hundreds of pounds if your car starts making a clanking sound.

The YouTube star known as ‘Car Ninja’ explained all to his 102,00 subscribers.

Continuing his work on a 2002 R53 Mini Cooper he said the customer had told him the vehicle was making a clanking sound and thought there was a problem with the supercharger.

Jonny says: ”There’s supposed to be a ‘supercharger’ noise, it turned out to be the tension for the belt.

“Okay, it’s good to have this tool, it’s a belt tensioner tool… it helps a lot.”

The Car Ninja then gets to work on the motor to remove the belt.

He says: “So there it is, that’s what was making the noise.

“I don’t know who told him he needed a supercharger but this is it.”

He then shows the part and it can be moved up and down.

The Car Ninja cleans it up and replaces it.

“A quick tip, if you guys have to remove the harmonic balancer you have to have a special tool. Don’t try and use pry bars, it’s not worth it. Just get the tool and make your life easier.”

After fixing things up, he gives his work and inspection and says: “The belt is in, the tensioner is in… Looks perfect.”

He then added: “I just noticed here that the ABS sensor is broken. I’ll try to fix these two wires later on.

“Now, I’m just going to spray a little bit of brake cleaner and put the housing back.”

Towards the end of the video, Car Ninja says: “So, last week the car comes in with a knocking noise with the customer thinking it was a bad supercharger. But no, it turned out to be a bad tensioner.

“So let’s see if the noise goes away.”

He starts the car up and the knocking sound has gone and he gives a smile to the camera.

He says: “Pretty quiet. Pretty happy with it.”

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