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I’m a model – people troll me and insist I Photoshop my tiny waist and hourglass figure but it’s all real

A MODEL with an exceptionally pronounced hourglass shape has hit back at critics who accuse her of editing her body on social media.

Beca has posted multiple videos on TikTok in which she shows off her figure and models different outfits – and it's led to some skeptical commenters insisting she's digitally altered her appearance.

Beca is 5 ft 9 inches tall and lives in New York City, where she shares clips of herself modeling different outfits on TikTok.

Fans have called out her "gorgeous body," with some begging for her diet and workout regimen.

But some skeptics are doubtful that her long torso, flat stomach, and hourglass shape are exactly what they seem.

Some have even insisted they can see the signs of photo editing.

"The black dot on the right on the wall way behind her moves you can see it," one person commented.

Another person said: "Babe you can see the editing."

A few have even issued challenges, telling her to run her hands down her waist on camera to prove that there are no special effects.

But Beca hasn't stayed silent and has posed in front of different backgrounds to show that she does not edit her body.

She's also noted that she is a working model, and "can’t fake my measurements on my agency's website."

Other commenters have made other remarks about her body, including one who told her: "Girl you have the longest torso I've ever seen, this is not an insult."

"So I've been told this since I was growing up, and I completely agree my torso is long as f**k," Beca replied to the comment.

Fans have also come to her defense, with one TikTok user writing: "Y'all she’s literally a model if you’re so invested just search up her measurements."

"Don’t let the haters get to you girl," another person said.

Beca captioned another video: "I don't know how to address these kinds of questions because I don't edit my body."

"Y'all say I edit my body. And I don't know how to show you at all like I can hold myself and like not be edited."

She's obviously fed up with people's commentary on her body, but thankfully, there is a community that supports her.

"People will be so salty cus other have what they wish to," a follower said.

"Ppl gonna hate either way babes just keep doing you!" another person wrote.

"Who cares what ppl think? You’re beautiful," a fan added.