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I'm a psychologist – what your favorite chocolate says about your personality, and why orange fans become great lovers

Today (July 7th) is the day of chocolate in the world. So it takes 24 hours to celebrate this sweet treat.

To commemorate this special occasion, psychologist Darren Stanton reveals what someone's favorite chocolate choice, such as mint, orange, or dark, says about their personality. I made it.

In collaboration with British coffee retailerCoffeeFriend, Darren is easily crazy about milk chocolate lovers, while white chocolate fans are the creative type. I shared that it wouldn't be.

He also clarified why many of us are constantly anxious for it and why chocolate has such a strong psychological impact on us. 

Darren said: "Chocolate is psychologically coveted because it contains certain properties that are known to cause the release of dopamine. It's a naturally occurring and pleasing element of the brain."

Add that this is why people crave chocolate in stressful situations or when comfort and security are needed.

He continues. “As an adult, you may go back to your younger version. Certain brands of chocolate can also cause fun memories. Therefore, eating chocolate in moderation has not only psychological benefits, but also emotional benefits. Yes. "

So what does your favorite chocolate treat say about you?


If you like milk chocolate, it's probably calm and easy to rattle at risk. Not. flow. 

Psychology also suggests that if you choose a milk chocolate opportunity, you too are like clever clogs and may enjoy being the focus of attention.


If you like dark chocolate, it can be cultural, classy and sophisticated. 

Also, regarding opinions, do not sit on the fence. He supports what he believes and sometimes becomes the queen of drama, sometimes disproportionately blowing things away. .. 

Dark chocolate fans are also energetic and make powerful and bold decisions.


If you like white chocolate, you can be creative, think in different ways, and easily embrace change. 

You are quite individualistic and want to follow your own path rather than going with the crowd.


If you like mint, you will be driven, focused, motivated and respected by the thoughts, ideas and emotions of others. It may be. 

But you always tend to get what you want.

Fruits and nuts

If you like nut chocolate with raisins, you like to do things the traditional way. 

You are the type of person who can accept new ideas but is less likely to accept change. There is an attitude that "if it is not broken, please do not fix it". 


If you like coffee-flavored chocolate, you're lively, dramatic, and true to life. I have a passion. 

You are very adventurous and willing to take in new ideas and try new things


Orange Chocolate Choice You say you are more adventurous, enthusiastic about exploring different experiences, and probably more romantic than others.