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I’m a Sky expert and TV owners are still missing a little-known remote trick that makes it easier to find shows

Constantly pressing the right pointing button will take you an age to get days ahead.

But a Sky expert has revealed a little-known trick that could be useful to you.

It turns out there's another button that jumps you much further ahead.

And it's all in the fast forward button.

TikToker and YouTuber Wades Ramsey says all you need to do is press the fast forward button and the TV guide will go 24 hours ahead of where you are currently.

"When you're in the TV guide, if you press the fast forward button it will go forward 24 hours rather than just scrolling an hour at a time," he told The Sun.

"And then, if you press rewind it will go back 24 hours.

"And if you just press the play pause button it takes you right back to present time in the guide."

So next time you're endlessly browsing give it a go to save time.

Hidden button

Most Sky customers also miss a hidden button, according to Wades Ramsey.

That button is the Sky logo at the top of the Sky Q remote.

It turns out it's not just decorative - it takes users directly to their TV recordings.

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